The Safari Collection launches its Footprint Foundation

Since the beginning, The Safari Collection has been a passionate supporter of a diverse range of community and conservation projects all over Kenya. At a time when the world is finding comfort and solace in nature, safeguarding our environment for future generations seems more important than ever before.

The Safari Collection’s Footprint is a new charitable foundation which unites their many existing community and conservation projects into one exciting element. At its core, Footprint spearheads their vision that communities living on the edge of wildlife areas should benefit from ecotourism. This, in turn, will help people become genuinely invested in conserving Kenya’s vulnerable wilderness areas for years to come.

In addition to its work with multiple community and conservation partners, Footprint ensures that The Safari Collection operates in the most sustainable ways possible - stepping lightly wherever they go and leaving only positive footprints behind. To discover more about the wonderful projects The Safari Collection’s Footprint supports, visit the Footprint webpage.