The Magic of Plants – A Taste of Our New Plant-Based Dishes

Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. The word, in this context, is used to describe all kinds of things from romantic love to perfumery, consciousness to nature’s seasons. Historically, it is a science that originated in Greco-Roman Egypt and was practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, as alchemists attempted to purify mature and perfect certain materials.

Our journey in sustainability has undergone its own transformation over the years, to become more all-embracing and impactful. In particular is our quest to embrace a cleaner, kinder world through food, looking to purify – to incorporate only natural and organic and as many ingredients from the land as possible. To mature and perfect – in finding better alternatives, experimenting with new sources and methods and creating even more delicious plant-based dishes.

Recently the chefs from our camps in Kenya, joined bush chef, author and culinary consultant, Antonia Stogdale at her cookery school on the slopes of Mt Kenya, for a retreat in gastronomic alchemy, practicing farm-to-table, zero waste and plant-based cooking.  READ MORE