Thornybush Family Food Parcel Fundraiser | Backabuddy

Our aim is to raise enough funds to assist families who have been identified as needing urgent assistance for the months of May, June and July 2020. We are calling these the crisis months. Food security has become a major issue in this lock down period and we want to make sure that our identified families in need, are at the very least, able to feed themselves.

We started the Thornybush Family Food Fundraiser with the intention of sending actual parcels of food to each family, however we discovered that there were some issues involved with this approach – mainly revolving around security and government guidelines. So, we decided to move the food parcel into the virtual world, with a food voucher, which would be sms’d to each recipient, so that they could go and buy what they feel they need from nearby grocery stores.

We have based each voucher amount on what a basic basket of essential food and toiletry items would be every month. 1 Parcel = R500/ 27USD / 23GBP or 25EUROTimes have changed dramatically in this COVID-19 dust cloud.  Families are battling. Those who were employed, have had to face a new stark reality of furlough or worse, retrenchment. Those who were already unemployed and struggling, are now in an extremely vulnerable situation. 

Help us to secure at the very least, the basic food items for beloved community families by donating and/or sharing this initiative with your family and friends.

To those who have already donated, our heartfelt thanks goes out to you!