Little did we Ultimate Safaris

2020 will be a year we all remember. However, we believe that challenges like these have effects on mind set and pre-conceptions that will redefine our industry.  At Ultimate Safaris we have therefore used this time for introspection and focus on what we think will be required when international travel resumes, in the knowledge that this will not be what it was before for most of the world.

Little did we know that so many of the principles and values applied to our operations for the last decade or so would be ideally aligned with what will be needed for post-COVID 19 travel. 

Little did we know that building three exclusive-use, multiple award-winning, camps over the last four years would offer the perfect, post-COVID 19 private and totally exclusive retreats.    //Huab Under Canvas, Camp Sossus and The Nest @ Sossus are all properties that only offer exclusive use, not because of post-COVID requirements, but because we have always believed true exclusivity whilst on safari is the ultimate luxury. 

Little did we know that our STELLAR ESCAPES offer at Camp Sossus, //Huab Under Canvas and Camp Onduli would have such appeal.  We have always believed they offer an experience to be treasured, not because of post-COVID 19 era travel requirements, but because they offer space and plenty of fresh air in a perfectly ventilated open-air bedroom under a billion stars.

Little did we know that our policy of offering private safaris with one of our renowned naturalist guides and using our private luxury safari vehicles would be so appropriate.  We have always believed this is the ultimate way to experience Namibia, not because of post-COVID era travel requirements, but because it offers a quality and exclusivity of experience that is not available elsewhere. 

Little did we know that using private charter flights to get around Namibia would become so appealing.  We have always believed that private charters offer ultimate exclusivity and flexibility, not because of post-COVID era travel requirements, but because this is the best and most convenient way to get around – and, if packaged correctly, they are often less expensive than scheduled seat rate flights. 

Little did we know that the type of third party establishments we have always preferred to work with would now be so sought after.  We have always believed that small and private safari camps are an essential part of a high quality safari. not because of post-COVID era travel requirements, but because they allow full engagement and offer intimate experiences that truly enrich lives.

Finally, little did we know that our beloved Namibia is exactly what will be needed for post-COVID travel.

It will be the perfect destination in so many ways once the world starts to travel again:

1.    The current very low levels of infection mean that the residual prevalence of COVID-19 will be minimal. 

2.    Windhoek’s private hospitals have world class medical facilities, and screening of arriving visitors has been efficient and effective. 

3.    The dry hot climate mean that the country appears to be unsuitable for virus survival and spread.

4.    The low population density (second least densely populated country on the planet) means that social distancing was always a given, and that has become even more the case than before. 

5.    The low overall number of visitors coming to Namibia means that we are a destination which naturally limits exposure between tourists.

6.    Namibia was opened up for local tourism in mid-May so accommodation venues have had plenty of practice and become well versed in hygiene and safety standards, and this will have improved further by the time international visitors start returning. 

NAMIBIA is ready and ideally placed to host you, so we look forward to welcoming you all back when the time is right!

Stay safe!

Watch our webinar on "Little did we know" for more information on Why Namibia the ideal destination for your next holiday.  Webinar Why Namibia is the ideal destination for your next holiday..