“Fifth Day” COVID-19 Testing in Namibia Becomes a Breeze


Ultimate Safaris is a great believer in making the safari arrangements for all their guests as efficient and hassle-free as possible, so we have applied the same logic to this requirement which might otherwise become a serious annoyance and detrimental to guests’ enjoyment of their time in Namibia. This requirement will not be in place indefinitely, but while it is, we want the process needed to comply with it to be as easy and user-friendly as possible. 

We have partnered with a reputable PRIVATE health service provider and will work with them to bring tests to our guests rather than making the guests detour to go to the tests. We will manage this entire process and transport a suitably qualified health person to the venue being used by guests on their fifth day, pretty much anywhere within Namibia (within reason of course). This means the necessary test can be conducted in the comfort of the guests’ rooms, thus removing any inconvenience that could otherwise arise. After that, we will transport the health person and the test back to Windhoek where the tests can be analysed. Our Guest Liaison tribe will then ensure that the test results are communicated to the guests on ‘Day Seven’, again regardless of where they are on that day. We are expecting that tests will come back negative and that guests can then just continue with their safari arrangements as before. However, in the unlikely event that a test comes back positive, Ultimate Safaris will collect the guests from where they are staying and transport them to an isolation facility of their choice in Windhoek where there are a number of good private hotels on the ‘approved list’ to choose from. If the guests experience serious symptoms or become sick, we will take them to one of the world class private hospitals in Windhoek that are taking in COVID-19 patients where they can receive appropriate treatment. 

If guests have booked on our "ZERO FEE" for post COVID 19 bookings terms which offer our flexible 48 hour cancellation policy, we will divert the funds that would have been payable from the remaining part of their safari itinerary towards covering the costs of their stay in an isolation facility, and any balance remaining will be refunded to them via their booking agent. However, the guests will need to cover any shortfall involved if that stay ends up costing more than the amount to be refunded. In the even more unlikely event that guests need to be admitted to hospital, they will need to cover the costs of their time there themselves and recover these costs from their travel insurers later, unless these costs can be billed directly to their insurers. Any amount to be refunded from the rest of their safari more than 48 hours after it had to be stopped will be refunded via the client’s booking agent. Whether in an isolation facility or in hospital, our Windhoek based Guest Liaison team would be on hand to look after these guests and make sure they receive tasty meals if required, as well as anything else they may need to ensure they comfort.  

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