Adams & Butler's Webinar Live from Zimbabwe - A Perfect Standalone Safari Destination Fri 22nd Jan - Matetsi River Lodge - Camp Amalinda - Victoria Falls Hotel - Chilo Gorge - Somalisa - with Adams & Butler & Vayeni

Adams & Butler's Live African Webinar

Featuring: Vayeni, Matetsi River Lodge, the Victoria Falls Hotel, Camp Amalinda, Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge & Somalisa Camp

Please join us this Friday 22nd of January where we will re-visit Zimbabwe – A Perfect stand-alone Safari Destination.  You can register here:

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11am EST New York & Toronto, 10am CST Texas & Chicago, 8am PST Los Angeles & Vancouver, 4pm Dublin & London, 5pm Paris & Berlin, 6pm Zimbabwe

Last November I visited Zimbabwe as part of my 5 weeks journeying around my Africa. I wanted to get a sense of what our clients can now expect when visiting this amazing continent. I caught up with all those friends and partners that we know so well.  It was wonderful to see the camps and safari lodges open, and witness at first hand all the great safety procedures put in place.  They are all looking forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible.  The year ahead is filled with hope!

I rediscovered why I love Zimbabwe so much and why it has become my favourite African country of late: it is the Zimbabwean warmth, hospitality and friendliness that you see, feel and experience in every person that you meet; it's the smile that reassures you that you have made the right choice in choosing this destination. Whether young or old, black or white, the pride that Zimbabweans feel in their country is a joy to behold.  They also have a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humour which the Irish know and understand so well!

Zimbabwe also has an abundance of fresh food - fish, vegetables, fruit and meat.  Their cuisine is wholesome and tasty - whether local or fine dining, it's delicious!

This visit confirmed for me that Zimbabwe is more than an add-on to another country.  It is very much a stand alone safari destination in itself.  It has amazing wildlife, it has the best views of the Victoria Falls, world-class safari camps and lodges, it has ancient ruins, parks, pre-historic cave paintings, tribal experiences, cultural visits - the list goes on and on...

We, in keeping with our sustainable and socially conscientious values want to promote lesser known safari destinations such as Zimbabwe. 

We really do believe that now more than ever is the greatest time ever, to book, visit or encourage others to visit Africa. Five African countries: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Zambia and Uganda, have been named as being the Top 10 safest countries in the world to travel to during these challenging times.  The most sought after things to do in Africa, such as the Wildebeest Migration and Victoria Falls, are for the first time ever in decades, a more private experience.  

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday in Zimbabwe!!

Best wishes,
Siobhan Byrne Learat
CEO & Owner
Adams & Butler