Update on Covid Testing in Tanzania

The Tanzanian Government have released an update on the requirements of Covid testing for those who are travelling abroad, and their onward destination or aviation provider require a Covid certificate.

Official document release in the link below is written in Kiswahili, but we have translated below:

From 4th January 2021, those who are travelling abroad from Tanzania, and their aviation provider or onwards destination require a Covid certificate, will need a Covid test. Within Dar es Salaam, you will receive your test result within 24 hours, and anyone tested outside of Dar es Salaam will receive their result within 48 hours. Covid testing is $100 USD per person.

After testing negative, travellers will be given their certificate, and their names will be sent to immigration officials electronically at your next destination to verify, and avoid any inconveniences. Travellers with Covid certificates are also informed that they will have to undergo verification of their documents at the borders.

We feel it would be wise to expect a settling in period for this change. We're also asking for clarification on whether the Government lab will now be working 7 days a week, and will advise once we hear back.