Bushtracks Africa partners with Prospero Zambia in COVID-19 response initiative

In July of 2020, Bushtracks Africa entered into a partnership with Prospero Zambia, the investment arm of UK Aid that deals with private sector projects in Zambia, in order to support the Zambian Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response initiative.

The objectives of the project were to:

Provide logistical support to the Livingstone District Health Office for their COVID-19 health services, track and prevent the spread of the pandemic in priority areas in a large radius around Livingstone.

Supplement income for Tourism workers whose income, employment and livelihood were affected by the impact of COVID-19.
Repurpose underutilized tourism assets.

Bushtracks Africa was able to provide transport for the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response team by making use of their transport vehicles, which were paired together with their team of skilled drivers and accompanying staff. A total of 9 vehicles were provided by Bushtracks Africa, and over 32 000 kilometers was completed as part of the initiative. They also provided transport to the District Medical Office staff involved in the provision and distribution of PPE, enforcement of safety protocols, sample deliveries, contact tracing and provided logistical backup and GPS tracking for the COVID-19 response initiative. This has had a significant and beneficial impact in the response to the pandemic in and around the Livingstone area.

Bushtracks Africa would like to thank Prospero for their meaningful support given to both Public and Private sector throughout this project, and they look forward to working with them again in the future. This has been an excellent example of how both sectors can cooperate successfully, delivering a material impact on the COVID response capabilities in the Southern Province.