Beyond the breaking news: you can travel in safety with us in Sudan

The past two weeks have been challenging for us, due to the military coup and the national/international reaction to it.

Things have quite down so far and the population have been peaceful as usual, demanding for a better future with peaceful demonstration. So far mediation is going on and we look forward to next official steps and statements.

In the meantime we want to reassure you all. As, despite what you might have read internationally on the newspaper, we are working quite normally. Carla and Angelo are in Khartoum, safe and well as well as all our local staff. We can operate trips SAFELY out of Khartoum. Our cars, drivers and guides are ready, our properties are open and we can get compulsory travel permits to reach the North (which means it is possible to travel in the country).

Our Khartoum office is OPEN, we have internet -although it is slow- and phone lines are active and our staff is at work.

Despite the general situation we have groups confirmed for the next few days and months and we do really hope to receive more bookings, although we undestand the situation and what a military coup might cause to the tourism "industry".

We would like to remind you once again that we take safety very seriously and we can guarantee to all our guests that the area where we operate is safe. We slightly changed the city tour of Khartoum and we will avoid any big city out of the capital: we are mainly concentrated in the desert and little villages, as well as archaeological visits and Nile river crossing.

Although Sudan makes the news always for political turmoil, we believe that the area where our tours develops -the Northern regions- is fine to travel.

We look forward to welcoming you here in this beautiful Land of the Black Pharaohs.