Congo Conservation Company CEO Elza Gillman joins the Africa Hub for a virtual tour of The Congo : Tuesday 16th November

Join our CEO Elza Gillman as she talks to The Africa Hub this Tuesday 16th November at 2pm GMT,  for an 'Introduction to The Republic of Congo.'

Explore the tapestry of forests, rivers and savannahs at the heart oft he African continent and gain a deeper understanding of the biodiversity, culture, history, wildlife and conservation of the remote regions this stunning country has to offer.

Tune in to hear Elza give a tour of the key areas of the destination, providing a fantastic starting point for selling The Republic of Congo.

The presentation will last around 45 minutes with a Q&A session afterwards. Please head to The Africa Hub website to register and sign up for the talk; head to the Destinations page for full information. Both members and non-members will be able to watch the talk live, however if you cannot attend on Tuesday 16th November, the recording will only be available to members.