TUESDAY TALK Islands in Africa

Join us as we discover Seychelles, Príncipe and Mozambique. From remote coral atolls and a marine reserve archipelago to a volcanic paradise covered in a rainforest. Join us as we uncover these 3 truly unique and vastly different island experiences in Africa. Our panel of experts will discuss the geology that creates the ultimate beach and marine escapes, the special experiences they each offer and how best to get there.

WHEN: 22.02.2022
Tuesday 22nd February

4pm (South Africa: GMT+2). The talk will be an hour.

WHO: Our Panel
1. SEYCHELLES: Blue Safari Seychelles - Jordyn Erasmus, Sales & Marketing Manager
2. PRÍNCIPE: HBD Príncipe - Emma Tuzinkiewicz, Sustainability Director
3. MOZAMBIQUE: Azura Retreats - Stella Bettany, Owner
Moderated by: Suzanne Bayly

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