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AA Safaris and Tours offers gorilla safaris wildlife safaris, cultural tours and nature tours in Uganda and Rwanda. We tailor make all our tours to our clients need and deliver the best that we can to ensure that the client's expections are fulfilled. We are passionate about adventure and we take care of each and every one's safari and adventure needs in Uganda and Rwanda

We aim for a customer's satisfaction given the fact that a satisfied customer becomes the best automatic ambassador. We offer all kinds of tours in Uganda and Rwanda national parks that include; Murchison Falls Np, Kibale Np,Queen Elizabeth np, Bwindi Np, Mgahinga Np, Kidepo Np, Nyungwe and Akagera Np, and more.

We have a fleet of vehicles availabe for hire on self drive and also withdriver. our vehciles are well mainatined on weekely basis, thus always ready to clients to hire. Our flet ranges, from smaller cars like the RVA4s, to biggers cars like the coaster buses. Safari Vans and Landcruisers are also availabe to cater for our safaris. 

Our cars,are driven by expeirnece drivers, who are trained in defencie driving and al our drivers are also excellent guides. The guides are very familiar with Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa as a destination and they have an average experience of 6 years in guiding safaris including adventure activities. 

For more information about organsiing safaris in Eastern Africa , contact us to organise your safaris, gorilla trekking safaris , holdiays and adventure holidays in Uganda. 




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  • Zanzibar

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  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Mobile Safaris
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02 February 2017

Kenya Wildlife Service declares a 'non-cash' Park entry fees

The Kenya Wildlife Service – the authority responsible for the National Parks as well as wildlife reserves in addition to the national tourism sector of Kenya just recently has issued a new policy that includes a chance in the mode of payment used to enter into the different national parks and reserves within the country. they have introduced a policy that no longer involves paying cash at the gates while on Safari in Kenya rather use of any of these services which in…

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26 August 2016

Cancellation of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards & Travel Expo 2016 Event

Following the chief sponsors of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards not being able to make it, the organizers of this event have announced its cancellation. This event was supposed to be held in Atlanta. In their communication they said: You are all informed that with great disappointment and sincere regret, the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards and Travel Expo 2016 which were meant to happen this week-end has actually been cancelled. They further stated that because two if the chief…

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28 June 2016

Rwandair Re-introduces Community Service to Kampala

RwandAir, together with the Kampala Capital City Authority, recently launched a community service programme, which back in Rwanda is known as ‘Umuganda’; they started in Nakawa a suburb in Kampala. Each last Saturday of every month In Rwanda, every person participates in the half-day cleaning of their locality, and take part in other activities that are community based; and all this is led by the president himself together with family. This arrangement has enabled the locals to tak…

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27 April 2016

Population of Vultures Reducing in the world

Although vultures aren't pretty and lovable, they are among the most essential scavengers in Mother Nature. Once these birds were feasted on that bad luck - the janitors which feed on decomposing bodies currently are greatly decreasing in number. According to information from a count that was made in September 2015, it revealed that these very useful birds are unfortunately reducing in number across Kampala city the capital of Uganda -. This actually is part of a greater decline in the po…

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22 April 2016

Kenya Airport Becomes Trap for Ivory Smugglers, Chinese Arrested

Early this week another Chinese coming from the D.R. Congo was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) thanks to their vigilant security officers. This smuggler was carrying a number of ivory bungles worth 300.000 Kenya Shillings (approximately 3,000 US Dollars) within his baggage. A couple of days back a similar arrest was conducted as another Chinese traveling to Guangzhou from Cameroon, was found with identical items estimated to cost 60,000 Kenya Shillings. Also at the …

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22 March 2016

Ghana Simplifies Visa Rules for African Union Member-States

John Dramani Mahama the president of Ghana, has announced that starting this July, anyone who arrives in his country with a valid passport from any of the African Union Member countries will be offered a 30 days Visa The Republic of Ghana has followed the example of Rwanda and just a couple of days back announced that all African Union member-state citizens can now obtain a visitor pass (Visa) on arrival in the country saving them from the trouble of prior application for a visa. Rwanda is am…

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17 March 2016

Uganda Receives Over 1 Million Pounds for Wildlife Conservation

Uganda prides in a great diversity of wildlife which is one of the key pull factors for tourists that travel from different parts of the continent to enjoy a Safari in Uganda. The Uganda Conservation Foundation one of the leading NGO’s in Uganda is going to receive a big fund of towards the conservation of wildlife in Uganda. The government of Britain OFFERED a total sum of 1.5 million pounds to Uganda to help fight any unlawful trafficking of different wildlife products particularly iv…

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16 March 2016

The Wonders of the Uganda Equator | Safari Uganda

The Uganda equator is a very popular landmark in Uganda and a much loved stopover for tourists on Safari in Uganda. Wikipedia defines it is an imaginary line which divides the planet into two equal parts. Below we have highlighted some of the unique wonders to enjoy while there. At the Equator that you’ll have the ability to stand in the two sides of this planet, with one foot in the north and the other in the south hemisphere At the equator the lengths of the day are equal to the n…

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10 March 2016

Uganda will Promote ‘Mountain Gorillas and much more’ at ITB Berlin

Over 18 tour companies have confirmed to represent Uganda at the ITB Berlin 2016 exhibitions that will start on 9th to 13th March this very year. Uganda will be showcasing under a theme "Gorillas and so much more.” having more than 50% of the total population of mountain gorillas in Uganda, this country is a prime tourism destination for anyone enthusiastic about seeing these giant gorillas plus so many other types of primates. The other features that will be showcased will be the s…

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03 March 2016

Uganda Safe for Tourism | Safari in Uganda

We are pleased to tell you that Destination Uganda after the just concluded presidential election that may have triggered anxiety now and again has stayed safe and continues to be secure and peaceful. Several local plus international tourists that were preparing to take a Safari in Uganda could have felt somewhat insecure however we are happy to tell you that this country is very safe and calm! Ugandan have kept a very calm environment that is suitable for those going for a Safari in Uganda. …

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02 February 2016

The World Travel Market Africa this April 2016 in Cape Town

The World Travel Market Africa which is the number one B2B exhibition for the Africa travel markets plus tourism markets in Africa and beyond the continent. The World Travel Markets (WTM) Africa Through its extensive networks, international reach as well as regional focus in the industry creates not only personal but also business opportunities offering our customers good quality communities, contacts as well as content. Once you attend the WTM Africa you will have an opportunity to simultane…

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28 January 2016

Tanzania Airport Authority Receives New General Director

The government of Tanzania  responded with very fast in recruiting a brand-new Director-General for the Tanzania Airport Authority, after the sudden death of former director Mr. Suleiman Said Suleiman just a couple of days back. Mr. George Sambali who was the Julius Nyerere international Airport's CEO was appointed as the new Director General for the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) thus filling the gap at the authority. Mr. Sambali who is 51 years old holds a number of degrees plus…

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22 January 2016

Kenya Airways makes Changes in its Top Management

Kenya Airways (KQ) one of the leading airlines in Africa declared the appointment of a new Acting Group Finance Director Mr. Dick Murianki who replaced Alex Mbugua with immediate effect. Ambassador Dennis Awori, the KQ Chairman of the Board while making this public announcement said that the Group Finance Director position was going to be filled by way of a highly competitive interview that will get started soon. Kenya Airways (KQ) is a key player in the transportation industry that ferries i…

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14 January 2016

Kenya Airways Sells off 2 Planes

Kenya Tourism News - As Kenya Airways begins disposing off a number of its surplus planes, Omni Air International which is based in the USA has bought two of its Boeing B777-200ER’s, that were substituted with high tech Boeing B787-8’s. During the 40th anniversary congress of ATA that was held in Nairobi towards the end of last year, Mbuvi Ngunze the airlines CEO confirmed that the sale of a number of airplanes was in its finalizing stages although then he couldn’t spell out…

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06 January 2016

Kenyan Tourism Increases with the Arrival of Cruise-Ship Tourists

Kenya’s tourism industry is looking forward to great news following the arrival of a cruise ship in Mombasa having over 1,000 tourists including its crewon Safari in Kenya. On Saturday early morning, the MS Seven Seas Voyager operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, finally docked at the Mombasa-Port with 688 passengers plus 451 crew members. Last year on 9th December, a luxury cruise-ship reached Mombasa having 1,099 people on board including the crew plus tourists. However, this month t…

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18 December 2015

What to Do on a Visit to the Twin Lakes in Rwanda

The twin lakes are Burera and Ruhondo which are located in Ruhengeri very close to volcanoes national park. They are referred to as the twin lakes because they are interconnected at a point where one lake pours water into the other. The lakes are located right at the foot of Mountain Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke and Gahinga. They are extremely beautiful, surrounded by the mountains and a very beautiful forest. The lakes are fishing grounds and this makes them not only important to those on Safa…

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11 December 2015

Why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa?

In his book “My African Journey” published in 1908, Winston Churchill an early explorer commonly referred to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa”, with regards to a Safari to Uganda which he took in 1907. That is how Uganda obtained this great tag. During his tour in Uganda, Winston Churchill actually became very inspired by what he found here and he wrote in his book that “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, …

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01 December 2015

The Annual Social media summit slated 3rd December in Uganda

The Social Media annual Summit is scheduled to be held this 3rd December, 2015 under a theme-topic ‘Social Means Business’ This Summit strives to recognize, talk about, train and also boost the effective use of social-media marketing in non-profit organizations, corporate businesses, public sectors and other businesses. The Summit Director Collins Mugume says that this year the summit will focus on the importance of social-media to businesses, how it make a difference to the organ…

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13 November 2015

Uganda Hands Over ATA Presidency

ATA is the Africa Travel association, a nonprofit making body that is responsible for the smooth running of travel, tourism and transport business in Africa and its members include a number of African countries, one of them is Uganda. When it comes to presidency, every member state is given a chance to take the wheel at one point in time and currently Uganda is running the organization. It’s been a year since Uganda took over the administration of the Africa Travel Association and this …

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10 November 2015

Uganda Listed among National Geographical Society’s Top Ten Wildlife Destinations

In just a few days ahead of this year’s World Travel Market (WTM) held in London, the Lonely Planet has again lifted Uganda (the Pearl of Africa) to a higher level by naming it among their top ranked and must visit destinations in the whole of East Africa. This is working favor of Uganda’s tourism marketers who have attended this year’s WTM since this is giving them yet another promotional reinforce. The fact that the National Geographic has named Uganda as one of its top te…

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03 November 2015

Tourism Industry in Uganda Prepares for 2015 Papal Visit

In Uganda, As Catholics across the country get ready to host the Holy Father Pope Francis this year in the month of November (27th - 29th); also the tourism sector is prepared to make use of this great opportunity. In accordance with the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Steven Asiimwe, more than 100,000 visitors are likely to come into the country from different parts of the world, so this is a great opportunity for the country to market its tourism products. Mr. Stev…

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28 October 2015

AUTO to Hold Public Forum as Part of its 20th Anniversary Celebrations

AUTO the Association of Uganda Tour Operators will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and these celebrations which were launched on World Tourism Day will include a number of activities that will lead up to December’s end-of-2015 grand celebrations. This year’s theme is AUTO@20. Brian Mugume who is the chairman Steering Committee said that there will be other activities included in the event to make the celebration more appealing to people and these will include activities like p…

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14 October 2015

Golden monkeys in the Volcanoes – Rwanda Safaris

The golden monkey is a very beautiful but also rare animal that is scientifically called cercopithecus Kandti and its one of the world’s oldest monkey species found in the Virung mountains. These can be seen on your safari in Rwanda.  Researchers believe they were subspecies of the blue monkey since they are very similar except in color. The males have that dark golden- orange color almost turning into red on the backs and sideways but the females are lighter but same color. Where …

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08 October 2015

Chimps in Ngamba Sanctuary Undergo Medical Check Up

All chimpanzees in the Ngamba Island sanctuary have been undertaking their health examinations for the last few months. This exercise is done every year with help from a group of veterinary doctors and it’s intended to evaluate each one of their health status. The chimpanzees now very much aware of what happens during the time and many don’t like it which is why the Veterinary doctors go an extra mile to identify new ways to charm and allure the chimpanzees to be examined. Them too…

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