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Africa Geographic is a publisher and safari company, since 1991. 

We publish regular stories and photo galleries to a large community mainly from USA, Europe, UK, Australasia and South Africa, and we offer bespoke expeditions for savvy travellers seeking a life-changing African experience.

We inspire, educate and resource people to do good for African ecosystems, biodiversity and for her people. We make eco-warriors out of kids, turn poachers into game guards, and we give ordinary people a voice and reason to dream.  

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Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

We always encourage our community to select travel options that are friendly to both the environment and to local communities.  This pursuit of a sustainable Africa is at the core of our culture.


02 July 2021

Tragedy: there WILL be large-scale, open-cast copper mine in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia - latest development

Lower Zambezi copper mine given the go-ahead The plan to develop a large-scale, open-cast copper mine in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park seems set to go ahead.

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09 April 2018

Manyeleti: The place of stars

Our CEO's experience of magnificent Manyeleti – a community-owned private game reserve forming part of the Greater Kruger National Park.

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26 March 2018

Ethiopia: The living churches of an ancient kingdom

A visual exploration of Ethiopia's extraordinary Christian heritage.

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20 March 2018

Magical Maasai Mara

An exploration of the magnificent Maasai Mara, Kenya.

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14 March 2018

Khwai: Making Memories

A group of friends discover more about each other (and themselves) on an amazing safari in Khwai, Botswana.

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06 March 2018

The Mighty Zambezi: More than a River

Africa Geographic's CEO explains exactly why the Zambezi River is so special.

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21 February 2018

16 Days in Uganda

An account of a magical 16-day cross-Uganda trip, arranged by Africa Geographic.

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12 February 2018

Nyiragongo: One of the world's largest and rarest lava lakes

Trekking to Nyiragongo volcano, home to the world's largest lava lake.

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02 February 2018

Tantalising Tswalu: The Kalahari's diamond in the rough

One of Africa Geographic's staff members shares her exciting experiences in the captivating Kalahari.

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15 January 2018

Kafue: A river runs through it

A journey through sensational Kafue in Zambia.

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11 January 2018

Rediscovering Kruger

Memories recollected: A personal Kruger travel diary.

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11 December 2017

Africa Through My Eyes

A vivid, visual experience of Africa's wildlife by Vikram Ghanekar.

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27 November 2017

Quirimbas: A Diver's Paradise

A mesmerising trip to Quirimbas in Mozambique – written by Fiona Ayerst.

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20 November 2017

Gallery: Delta Delight

A celebration of the delightful Okavango Delta by professional wildlife photographer, Hannes Lochner.

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13 November 2017

Capturing South Luangwa in Zambia

A sensational journey through South Luangwa with professional photographer, Edward Selfe.

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30 October 2017

A 'kwaai' experience in Khwai, Botswana

A fascinating story about our CEO's journey in the picturesque village of Khwai in Botswana. Read more.

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16 October 2017

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants in Botswana’s crowded arid areas. Do we intervene or stand back?

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02 October 2017

Reconnecting with nature at magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve

Anton Kruger provides us with a phenomenal visual journey of his trip to Madikwe Game Reserve.

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18 September 2017

Magical mobile safari at Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana

Our CEO joined a mobile safari through the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana and rediscovered the true meaning of ‘safari’. Read more.

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11 September 2017

Tracking Africa's silent giants

Tracking Africa's silent giants: Read More

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08 August 2017

Monochrome Magic

Monochrome Magic:

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01 August 2017

Kruger Elephants: Giants of the future

Kruger Elephants: Giants of the future:

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25 July 2017

The good news for rhinos

Focussing on the good work being done to protect our rhinos:

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12 July 2017

Magical Mahale: Meetings with chimps

Magical Mahale: Meetings with chimps

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11 July 2017

Savute Secrets

Savute Secrets

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30 June 2017

Over the Okavango: An African eden

Over the Okavango: An African eden -

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29 June 2017

Kruger: lodges vs self drive

Kruger - lodges vs self drive:

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20 June 2017

Animals who need better PR

Animals who need better PR:

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12 June 2017

Jurassic Niassa

A brave new drive to protect an iconic paradise:

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30 May 2017

Zakouma National Park: Raw Africa

Zakouma National Park: Raw Africa -

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11 May 2017

Madikwe Moments

Madikwe Moments:

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10 May 2017

Celebrating Cheetahs: Beauty in Perfection

Celebrating Cheetahs:

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09 May 2017

Looking out for Communities and Wildlife

Looking out for Communities and Wildlife:

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08 May 2017

On Foot in North Luangwa

On Foot in North Luangwa:

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13 April 2017

Namibian Desert Lions

Namibian Desert Lions:

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10 April 2017

Elephant Ignite Expedition

A journey with gigantic purpose:

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07 April 2017

In the Footsteps of Giants

In the Footsteps of Giants with Greg du Toit:

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23 March 2017

The painted wolves of Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Programme:

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13 March 2017

R.I.P Satao 2

R.I.P Satao 2: a giant amongst elephants -

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09 March 2017

Upclose with 12 of Africa's threatened species

Upclose with 12 of Africa's threatened species:

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03 March 2017

Born Free: 50 Years On

Born Free: 50 Years On

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22 February 2017

Africa's Gold, Celebrating Lions

Africa's Gold - A celebration of lions throughout history

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20 February 2017

Of Leatherbacks and Loggerheads

Of Leatherbacks and Loggerheads

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16 February 2017

To Zambia with Love

To Zambia with Love

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15 February 2017

Secret Cape Town

Secret Cape Town

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14 February 2017

The Lure of Liuwa

The Lure of Liuwa

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13 February 2017

Kruger Walking Magic

Kruger Walking Magic

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26 January 2017

Super Natural South Luangwa

On safari in South Luangwa:

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25 January 2017

Our year in Africa

From our small team in Cape Town, we wish you all the best for 2017:

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24 January 2017

Christmas in Africa

Santa's wild helpers wish you a Merry Christmas:

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23 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Spend more time with your loved ones this festive season by scheduling your posts.

TIP: Discover the joys of scheduled posts and spend more time with your loved ones this Christmas! Don't waste time behind your computer screen this festive season, rather prepare all your content in advance and schedule it onto your social media platforms so that they're working when you don't have to! We use hootsuite as our main scheduling platform as it allows us to schedule across all of our social media channels, but you can also schedule your posts directly on…

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20 January 2017

Kicking back in Mauritius

Kicking back in Mauritius:

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19 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Make the most of the festive season with themed posts

TIP: Make the most of the festive season with themed posts! It's Christmas time and even if you don't celebrate there's plenty to be festive about; school holidays, the year end and family time (away in the bush!?). We want to help you make your content explode on the internet and to do that we've made a few interesting observations. We have found that images and blog posts do particularly well across all of our platforms when they are aligned with a theme. Like …

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18 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Are you using Instagram to engage with your followers?

TIP: Are you using Instagram to engage with your followers? Build awareness around your brand on Instagram! Instagram is a rising star for businesses - they have successfully captured some of the best elements of other social media platforms and incorporated them into the app. Engage with US and our 33,000 followers on instagram - it's a platform we are hoping to grow! We are also running our Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Competition on Instagram using…

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17 January 2017

Fabulous Food and Wine

Fabulous food and wine experiences in Africa:

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13 January 2017


Making your time count in Hwange count:

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12 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Get involved in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Competition.

TIP: Get involved in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Competition 2017/ Get your clients and guests involved in our annual photographic competition and engage with us throughout the campaign! On December 1st we're kicking off the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Competition 2017. Last year the competition was a resounding success and this year's is set to be even bigger! We want you, our Content Marketing Partners to get involved and benefit…

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11 January 2017

Himba: Hearts of sand

Himba: Hearts of sand

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10 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Customer Engagement – “Be Interesting!”.

TIP: Customer Engagement – “Be Interesting!” Today we have at our fingertips, more analytical tools to help us understand the sentiment around our brands than ever before. Machines are learning algorithms that can help reduce your targeting to a near exact science. But despite having all of THAT at your fingertips, you’ll ONLY win at marketing if you remember this one basic fact—happy, interested customers will say good thin…

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09 January 2017

Anti-poaching pooches

Man's best friend plays a vital role in the war against poaching:

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06 January 2017

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Reputation Management, why you need to be on the ball when it comes to representing yourself online

TIP: Reputation Management: Responding to complaints well Every complaint is an opportunity to turn around a dissatisfied customer - respond quickly and positively. Remember your brand is easily damaged, and the last thing you want is for people to be actively spreading bad stories about your business. A complaint that is dealt with well can often result in a loyal customer, they will have refreshed trust in your brand and the confidence to come back to you knowing that if things do …

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22 December 2016

Environmental Education Initiatives

Education is a powerful weapon:

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09 November 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Organic social traffic will get harder in 2017. Your business needs to start focussing on how to address this now.

TIP: Organic social traffic gets harder Earning attention in a digital world was straightforward at first. You earned it by growing likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. No need to beg the gatekeepers or pay the newspaper and media moguls. But that is changing.. Due to too much content and too little space, Facebook, Instagram and others have removed chronological timeline updates. They are starting to make you invisible unless you pull out the credit card. Social media is just beco…

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08 November 2016

The model and the San

Following the footsteps of the San:

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07 November 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Mobile Optimisation is a must for your website

TIP: Mobile Optimisation Last year, mobile generated more traffic than desktop and laptop search. With virtually everyone using their smartphone or tablet to find information online, it goes without saying that business owners must cater to the needs of their mobile audience to generate leads and increase conversions. If your website still isn’t optimised for mobile, then you risk losing out to your competitors. This is reinforced by Google’s Mobilegeddon update, which favor…

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31 October 2016

Unrespectable animals

A selection of hilarious excerpts about some of Africa's most weird and wonderful fauna:

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26 October 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Influencer Marketing Is All the Rage

TIP: Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend of them all - and for a good reason. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend of them all - and for a good reason. People are looking for genuine opinions and reviews by real people before they make decisions on purchases, and influencers and opinion leaders - the people they already follow and trust, fit that mould perfectly. Here are three ways you can become influencer marketing savv…

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24 October 2016

The Magic of Zanzibar

The wonders of the largest island in the Zanzibar Archipelago:

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17 October 2016

Classic Namibia

A photographic tour of Namibia's most popular destinations in our Classic Namibia gallery. 

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12 October 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Putting your audience first

TIP: The trick to creating content that is easily shared is not to think about what you want to talk about, but rather what readers want to know. Putting your audience first:  When thinking of topics to blog about, the easiest way to go about it is to think about what it is that you want to talk about. Unfortunately, what you want to talk about is not always what audiences want to read. While a new building in your lodge might be super exciting news for you, for most readers it&rsqu…

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10 October 2016

The Silent Giants of Tsavo

The search for big tuskers in Kenya's Tsavo National Park in our online magazine article on The Silent Giants of Tsavo.

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05 October 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Creating content that answers questions

TIP: Using your content to answer people's questions is the best way to ensure it's found by the right readers online. Using your content to answer a question:  When brainstorming content ideas, it is useful to think about how people search for content. Generally, when someone uses Google, they are looking for a specific answer to their question. Whether it’s the ‘things to see in South Luangwa’ or ‘best places to stay in Kruger’, these people ar…

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03 October 2016

Unique Places to Sleep

Discover some of the most unusual places to catch some ZZZ's in Africa -

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28 September 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Staying agile online

TIP: The key to a successful digital strategy is agility. The online world is moving so quickly, if you're not moving with it you'll get left behind. Staying agile online:  The evolution of digital marketing has meant that we are able to engage with audiences better than we have ever been able to before. But it has also given consumers more options than ever before. This means that if you are not keeping up with the current digital trends, you are essentially being left behin…

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26 September 2016

Kgalagadi vs. Kruger

A toss up between two of Southern Africa's flagship parks - Kgalagadi vs. Kruger

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21 September 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Adding a call to action in blogs

TIP: Encourage readers to click through to your website or special by including a call to action in your blog posts. Adding a call to action in your blogs:  Apart from creating great brand visibility, content marketing has the ability to drive people directly to your website when you use it properly. Adding a ‘call to action’ (CTA) in your content gives readers a direction to follow. Want them to follow a certain link to find out more about a tour or special that you are …

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19 September 2016

South Africa's Wildest Places

Go where the wild things are in South Africa in our online magazine with South Africa's Wildest Places 

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14 September 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Writing for an online audience

TIP: Writing for an online audience requires you to really understand how people read when they're on their mobile or computer. How to write for an online audience:  No matter how sophisticated your audience might be, reading long-winded sentences on your mobile phone or even your computer isn’t fun for anyone. While your instinct may be to write lovely, long descriptive paragraphs during your blog posts, it is important to remember that an online audience’s attentio…

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13 September 2016

Leopards: The Cats of the Shadows

Find out more about this majestic member of Africa's Big Five: Leopards: The Cats of the Shadows.

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07 September 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Measuring content marketing success

TIP: Measuring the success of your content marketing campaign requires long-term monitoring as opposed to instant rewards. How to measure the success of Content Marketing:  Often just looking at short term metrics like sales doesn’t tell the whole story of your content marketing efforts and can leave you scratching your head over the true value of content. A more realistic way to measure how content marketing has impacted your brand is to look at the long term metrics and how i…

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05 September 2016

Big Cats in black and white

Big cats rule in this selection of incredible images by François Pringuet:

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01 September 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: How Content Marketing can help your SEO

TIP: Getting links from 'high domain' authorities such as Africa Geographic will actually help your site rank higher on Google. Improving your SEO through Content Marketing :  The rules of Search Engine Optimisation are constantly changing. One way to stay ahead of Google's ever-changing algorithms is to ensure that you have quality, high domain links back to your website. To impress Google you need more than onsite SEO, you need to have ‘back links&r…

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30 August 2016


Exploring one of South Africa's most beautiful biospheres in our online magazine: and from the bush to Blyde, discover what the Kruger2Canyons biosphere has to offer in this stunning gallery:

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22 August 2016

Dehorning rhinos

Read all about making the difficult decision to dehorn rhinos for the greater good in our online magazine article: Rhino Horn?

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16 August 2016

Rwanda: Into the heart of Africa

A self-drive adventure through the misty hills of Rwanda in our online magazine article: Plus highlights from Africa Geographic Travel's recent trip to Rwanda in this gallery: 

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25 July 2016

Unsung Conservation Heroes

Not all superheroes wear capes... some wear khaki. Meet some unsung conservation heroes in this gallery by Africa Geographic:

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18 July 2016

Game Census Safari

Conservation activities in the Waterberg with The Ant Collection in our online magazine: Plus a gallery of action packed images from the week:

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13 July 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Monitoring is an essential part of marketing

TIP: As brands learn how to master the art of online marketing, one thing that often gets forgotten about is monitoring - engaging with consumers requires constant dedication, time and effort. Monitoring as a vital part of marketing:  Monitoring your social media channels, review platforms and discussion platforms is a vital aspect of online marketing that often falls by the wayside. It is not enough to just put out content to your readers and forget about it - comment…

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11 July 2016

Life & Death in the Serengeti

Predator and prey come face to face in this black and white gallery:

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05 July 2016

Swaziland: Africa's Little Secret

A special side of Southern Africa in Swaziland + a gallery of evocative African portraiture in this week's Africa Geographic online mag. Read: Swaziland: Africa's Little Secret Gallery: Faces of Africa

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28 June 2016

Zimbabwe: Not Just Victoria Falls

Find out what Zimbabwe is made of in this week's gallery.

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27 June 2016

Tourists answer our 2016 African travel survey

Six safari questions answered by you: Africa Geographic recently conducted a snap poll about six vexing questions that our travel clients and safari lodges are curious about. The interesting (and sometimes surprising) results are illustrated below. Thanks to all who participated, and here is the link to those that wish to do so now. 87% of you said YES to having children at safari lodges (we were surprised at this one), but the vast majority placed conditions on their approval. We we…

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22 June 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: It's all in the headline

TIP: A large obstacle between you and your readers is a catchy headline. Great titles sell content, so make sure you know how to create headlines your readers can't resist.   More about how to write catchy headlines:  Headlines are important for search engines, email subject lines, and on social media! They are the first introduction of your content to your audience and need to be inciting, exciting and also need to provide a promise on which your content delivers. Your blog…

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21 June 2016

Saving Elephants

Protecting pachyderms in this week's online magazine plus elephantastic photography in our gallery.

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15 June 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Video is a vital marketing tool

TIP: Brands wanting to stand out on social media should be investing in video. Recent stats show that video is becoming a major focus for internet and social media giants and companies that embrace video are finding it easier to connect with consumers, engage with them and convert them into paying customers.   More about why you should be using video as a marketing tool:  According to Syndacast, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video and using the word “video&rd…

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13 June 2016

The Wilds of East Africa

Explore the magic of Kenya and Tanzania in this black and white gallery:

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09 June 2016

Africa Geographic's second Yearbook is coming....

Following the success of our first coffee table yearbook in 2015, the second edition of the Africa Geographic Yearbook will be available in October 2016… and we expect it to sell like hotcakes again! To avoid disappointment, pre-order your copy now for delivery after launch!

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08 June 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Choose images that work on social media

TIP: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. To keep up in social media, you need to be focussed on great visuals!  More about choosing great visuals for social media:  Your customers want to visualise the experience of your lodges and activities and you only have a few seconds to grab their attention on social media. Do think about the visual content that will best sell your product - perhaps it is …

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06 June 2016

Walking with the Maasai

A five week walk getting to know the Maasai, plus a closer look at the Samburu in this week's online mag.

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01 June 2016

Survey: 6 things guests think about before booking a lodge

At Africa Geographic Travel we get lots of questions about booking a safari. So now we are asking your thoughts on 6 things people think about before booking a lodge.  Take the survey here and let us know your personal thoughts on these important things customers think about before booking a lodge. What is important to you? Your lodge? Or your travel clients? We have also asked our social media audience to fill in the survey and over the next few weeks we will let you in on the …

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25 May 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Inspire travellers with evocative imagery

TIP: Let your customers visualise the experience of your tours and activities by including great imagery in your blog and social media posts. More on inspiring travellers through imagery:  Great visuals in your content marketing will help to increase bookings for your lodge or tour company. Readers want to visualise the experience and great images help them to know how your experiences will make them feel, and what photos they will have to share with friends and family afterwards. Tr…

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23 May 2016

Rangers for Rhinos

A behind-the-scenes look at the anti-poaching efforts in Kruger National Park in this week's online magazine plus meet the heroes who are pulling out all the stops to save our rhinos in this gallery.

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20 May 2016

WILD RWANDA : Where to watch bird, primates and other wildlife

Are you looking for a destination that is still firmly African, but is completely different from the normal “safari circuit”?  If so, then Rwanda is your destination, and this newly published book will guide and help you understand the best natural sites in this gem of a country in order to design a different and most fascinating itinerary for yourself, or your clients. Despite its tragic past, the Rwanda of today is one of Africa’s safest, cleanest, and most stable cou…

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18 May 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Don't create content without context

TIP: When creating content for blog posts and social media, it is important to always include context. This is especially important when it comes to controversial stories and unusual wildlife sightings.  More on why you should always think about context in your content:  Content marketing is all the rage but the key to creating good quality content is to always include context. All blog and social media posts should include context that refers to the circumstances and …

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17 May 2016

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year - 15 Finalists

Congratulations to the 15 #AfricaGeoPhoto finalists! Drum roll please...

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16 May 2016

Messages of Hope

Inspirational messages from some of the world's leading conservationists:

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12 May 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Tips for creating great videos

TIP: Video content is becoming more and more popular and is often amongst our top viewed posts here at Africa Geographic. But not every video is created equal... 4 simple tips for creating engaging video content:  1. Make sure your video serves a purpose - is it full of helpful travel trips, does it inspire through mind blowing imagery or is it simply an account of an unbelievable sighting? Figuring out the story and purpose of your video should be your main priority. …

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10 May 2016

All-inclusive Kruger

Find out how to make the most of a short time in the wilderness with our All-Inclusive Kruger story!

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05 May 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: It is important to remain relevant

TIP: If it's common sense that you need to be relevant to consumers, WHY are so few marketers getting it right? More information about remaining relevant to consumers: In digital marketing it is so easy to gauge your relevance and engagement via 3rd party statistical information. And its obvious to marketers that from this information a relevant audience provides deeper engagement and a better transactional result. Advertising and content placement on the…

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04 May 2016

Africa's Big Tuskers

A celebration of some of Africa's greatest icons in this gallery.

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27 April 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Be smart about where people can view your content

TIP: It's tempting to place all your content on your own website and social media pages, instead of using third party partners, but the best strategy is to use both.     More about deciding where to place your content: Some lodges and agents place their best photos, videos and blog content on their own pages, in the belief that this is in their best interests. The best marketing strategy is to split your content between your own pages&nbsp…

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25 April 2016

A Kenyan Safari

An East African bush and beach exploration with a twist in our Kenyan Safari feature + baby animals abound and tropical beaches delight in the south of Kenya in this great gallery.

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20 April 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Build your brand through great video content

TIP: Video is the next big thing in media and marketing, and should be a focus going forward.    More about telling your brand stories through video: You don't have to spend thousands to create great video content. Simple but engaging videos can be created with a few awesome applications while stock video content can be also be bought to supplement what you have, a collection of photos can be turned into a short video or pair up with videographers in media-exchange…

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18 April 2016

Top Wildlife Sites of Africa

From Rwanda to the Congo, photographer Will Burrard-Lucas shares some of his favourite spots on the continent in the Top Wildlife Sites of Africa. 

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11 April 2016

Mozambican Honeymoon

A beach break proves to complement a week in the bush perfectly. Read all about it in: Mozambican Honeymoon.

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06 April 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You need to have a solid plan for visuals

TIP: Content marketing is nothing without great visuals. It is vital to source an ongoing resource of visuals - videos, graphics and photos to promote your brand and products.   Further information about the visual bias in content marketing: Great visuals really help to tie your content together and get it noticed by your audience. Images can help to break blogs up into easily readable chunks, videos can be embedded into blog posts for contextual references and awesome images and gra…

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04 April 2016

Funny Africa

Have a laugh at the moments that make our continent so special this April Fools' Day in our Funny Africa gallery.

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31 March 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You need to pay to be seen

TIP: No more freebies for social media and blogging - the organic taps have been turned off by the media platform giants and you need to pay in order to be seen!   Further information about why you shouldn't cut your marketing budget: Social media, blogging and digital marketing channels can seem like free or low cost marketing but cash is still required to get your brand seen by audiences important to your business. You may not be allocating that big budget to TV adverts, print …

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30 March 2016

Buy no Rhino

Meet the two sisters who cycled 6,000km across South-East Asia - sowing seeds of change in an attempt to curb the demand for rhino horn. Read their story here.

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23 March 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Social media requires careful planning

TIP: Your social media endeavours need commitment, resources and above all, careful planning. Just as you need set goals and a well though-out business plan for your company, you also need these things to ensure social media success!   Further information about planning for social media: There are so many tools out there that can help you come up with new ideas, see whats trending and schedule your posts for social media - these planning tools help small business to find, curate and …

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21 March 2016

Enchanting Ethiopia: Land of Origins

Explore Ethiopia, a dynamic corner of the continent, in this week's issue of our online magazine + a gallery of tribes of the Omo Valley.

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14 March 2016

Bush Weddings

Read tales from happy couples who tied the knot in the African bush in our bush weddings magazine article here. 

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10 March 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Social media is a marathon

TIP: Proper social media management is a marathon race, not a sprint. Resources, time and energy are required on a consistent, long term basis in order to achieve success.   Further information about running your social media marathon: When it comes to social media, in order to see success you need to put time into your preparation, develop a sound strategy, set your goals, understand your journey, choose tools that will make the process easier, pace yourself and be consistent, pract…

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07 March 2016

Long Live the King

Listen to the roar of Africa's lions before it's too late - Long Live the King.

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02 March 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Poor quality content is worse than no content

TIP: Posting poor quality content can be worse for your brand than posting no content at all. It hurts your image, rankings and readership!  Further information about why posting bad content is worse than posting no content: Poor content that doesn't engage your readers, is ill thought out and is hastily slapped together can be worse for your brand than no content at all. Poor content can harm your SEO rankings, your brand voice and your readership as audiences will tend to stra…

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29 February 2016

Africa on Safari

Drama and beauty abound in this sneak peek of the book, Africa on Safari - a gallery of images as a result of thousands of hours spent on safari across Africa. View it now!

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24 February 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Create shareable content

TIP: Don't get lost in the sea of content - only post photos or write blogs that you, your audience and the general public will want to share with their friends!  Further information about creating shareable content: No one wants to share that image of your new game drive vehicle with their friends - so why are you wasting your time posting it? We as humans have the need to connect, converse, share and socialise with other human beings - tap into this need with your content and y…

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22 February 2016

Elephantastic Addo

See the Big Seven and elephants galore in South Africa's third largest national park, read our article on Elephantastic Addo!

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17 February 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Content marketing takes time

TIP: Content marketing takes time and effort and it can be tiring - but don't give up, the rewards are well worth it!   Further information about why content marketing requires your time and effort: Blog posts need to be written, great images and videos need to be taken or sourced, partner relationships need to be nurtured and social media communities require constant management and attention. There are no quick rewards or wham-bam approach to content marketing - this genre of ma…

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15 February 2016

Hooray for Hippos

Find out why hippos play such an important role in our ecosystems and why they deserve our respect. Read: Hooray for Hippos.

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10 February 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: All signs point to video

TIP: Video should be one of the primary focusses for your brand when it comes to content marketing in 2016!   Further information about why your brand should focus on video: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are all making 2016 the year of the video. Video is sure to overtake other mediums when it comes to content marketing and here at Africa Geographic we see the growth of video on a day to day basis. Be it a beautifully crafted video showcasing a safari experience, a 360 de…

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08 February 2016

The Secret Garden Route

Discover the hidden gems that lie in store on the Garden Route in this article.

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04 February 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Harness stories from your staff and guests 

TIP: Succeeding in online marketing involves collaboration. This means getting those great stories out of your staff and guests in order to showcase your business!   Further information about harnessing stories from your staff and guests: Online marketing is made that much easier if you harness the stories that are right on your doorstep. Ask your guests and staff to produce content - blog posts and images that come straight from their day to day experiences! These first-hand account…

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02 February 2016

Selous: A Long Way From Anywhere

A closer look at Africa's oldest and largest protected area - Selous.

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27 January 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Visual content should be your focus for 2016

TIP: We are visual creatures and the key to standing out in a sea of content in today's world is to create great visuals.   Further information about why you should focus on visual content: With content marketing now the norm, there are just so many great stories out there. Audiences can become overwhelmed and exhausted and that is why visual content will always stand out above the rest. Images and video are quicker and easier to consume than text and innovations like 360-degree …

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25 January 2016

Kruger Addicts

25 Kruger visits later, an Australian couple explain why they just keep going back:

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20 January 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Engagement is key to building your brand

TIP: The power of social media is that you as a brand are given a direct platform to engage directly with the people most important to your business.   Further information about about engaging with your clients through social media: Social media and the likes of platforms such as TripAdvisor have upped the game when it comes to customer service. In today's digital world it is crucial to have your finger on the pulse on the way your clients are now communicating with your brand. S…

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18 January 2016

Vanishing Animals by Will Burrard-Lucas

11 African animals to not take for granted, and this week's entries to the #AfricaGeoPhoto competition. 

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13 January 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Collaboration is key to getting your content read

TIP: Collaboration - to create and distribute content - is key to successful content marketing.   Further information about collaboration being the key to content marketing: Collaboration is critically important when it comes to content marketing. As audiences demand a higher quality of content, you need to form great relationships with your guests and journalists that can feed you with fabulous stories. It is also important to collaborate with media partners that already have the au…

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11 January 2016

Africa's Wild Dogs

Meet one of the world's most successful predators and check out some of this week's entries to the #AfricaGeoPhoto competition.

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07 January 2016

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Make marketing resolutions you can keep in 2016

TIP: Marketing in 2016 will be all about working smarter, keeping abreast of current trends and changes and deciding what strategies are important to your business.   Further information about being a good marketer in 2016: Resolutions are made to be broken, but this 2016, the best advice we can give is to not spread yourself and your marketing team too thin. With so many changes in the marketing world, the online, social space can be difficult to keep up with. In order to keep swimm…

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06 January 2016

Our Year in Africa

From gorilla trekking in Uganda to white water rafting in Victoria Falls, enjoy our best issues from the past 12 months.

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05 January 2016

Christmas Gifts for Africa

Christmas gifts that keep on giving this festive season. Click here to read more.  

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23 December 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Brand building is a full time job

TIP: Audiences hate silence but they also hate persistent content that offers no value. Creating great content that promotes your brand on a regular basis is a full time job that requires multiple levels of dedication.   Further information being dedicated to building your brand: Creating content that builds your brand is all about ensuring quality, creative content on a constant, consistent basis. In order to do this you need to listen to what your readers want, the easiest way bein…

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21 December 2015

Exploring Etosha

From iconic white elephants to damara dik-diks, discover the dusty diversity of Etosha National Park. Click here to read more. 

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16 December 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Don't sacrifice quality for quantity

TIP: It can be difficult to stand out in today's sea of content and, while getting your brand seen more often is the goal, this will be achieved via creating excellent, shareable content - not via copious amounts of content that no-one reads and shares.   Further information about quality vs. quantity: Online content marketing and digital media has grown from being print’s ugly stepsister to completely ruling the roost. Content online is evolving and is more frequently held…

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14 December 2015

10 Kenyan Highlights from Saba Douglas-Hamilton

Click here and be whisked away to the lakes, mountains and beaches of Kenya with Saba Douglas-Hamilton.

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09 December 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Think mobile...

TIP: According to Google, search for travel information on smartphones has increased by 50% over the past year, with a noticeable spike in travel searches over the festive season.   Further information about the mobile world: Google's results also showed that flight-related queries made on phones and tablets were up 33% while hotel searches also spiked by 49%. Among those who watched travel-related content, 64% said they did this while thinking about taking a trip. Travellers are…

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07 December 2015

Saving the Cheetah: A need for speed

Click here to learn more about the world's fastest land mammal and Africa's most endangered feline this #IntlCheetahDay.

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02 December 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Get Personal!

TIP: Social media has highlighted the importance of communication - its important to acknowledge your clients as individuals and respond to them on a personal level.   Further information about being more personal: It is important for the channels of communication between your clients and your business to be open. Social media offers a platform for those interested about your business to ask you direct questions and voice complaints or compliments. Its up to you to ensure that you ha…

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01 December 2015

Bush & Beach

Pack your veldskoens AND your flip-flops for the ultimate holiday in Africa. Click here for more details. 

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25 November 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Good marketers embrace change!

TIP: Just because you've always done things a certain way, doesn't mean it is right! The digital world is changing so rapidly that good marketers should always be adapting the way they market to clients!   Further information about embracing change in your marketing strategies: The digital world is changing every day and your clients don't have time to wait around for you to catch up. New age marketers need to keep pace in an ever changing space. As Bizcommunity's edi…

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23 November 2015

I love Namibia

11,862km, 4 countries, 5 weeks and 7 punctures make for a different kind of honeymoon. Click here to read more. 

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19 November 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Everyone likes a great story!

TIP: Have you noticed how people sit forward and focus when you say “Let me tell you a story”? Content marketing is all about just that - telling great stories to your clients and future clients.   Further information about using story-telling to gain attention: Content becomes great marketing material when it meets a need or use for the reader - be it in the form of new information about an animal they love, travel tips and advice about a destination they are thinking of…

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16 November 2015

Africa's Great Apes

Click here and discover just how much the great apes have done for humanity.

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12 November 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You have to be everywhere - at once!

TIP: Your readers are accessing a vast array of content on a diverse range of devices and platforms. Rather than treating this multitude of touchpoints as a ‘time-consuming problem', view them as opportunities to reach your client again and again.   Further information about adapting to an ever-changing digital world: Consumers are taking in more content than ever - on a range of different devices and platforms - sometimes all at the same time. Your readers could watching a…

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10 November 2015

iSimangaliso: Park for the People

Click here and explore the eight interlinking ecosystems along iSimangaliso's beautiful coastline.

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06 November 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Your content should reflect digital lifestyles and habits

TIP: If you want to steal a few moments of precious time from busy online users - your content should require the least amount of effort from your reader.   Further information grabbing your reader's attention in the online space: In today's world time is precious and people are only interested in multimedia content that is easy to digest. If you want to be seen and heard then its up to you to provide them with this content. Earlier in 2015 a study by Microsoft revealed that the a…

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02 November 2015

9 Rescue Tales

A celebration of some of Africa's most famous rescue animals. to read more click here. 

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30 October 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: What you put in is what you get out

TIP: When it comes to content marketing, what you put in is what you get out.   Further information making the most of content marketing: Content marketing can help to build a voice and reputation for your brand but it's only effective if you work hard at it! In order to make the most of content marketing, you need to constantly come up with new articles, photos, videos and social media posts about your business and your area - but this is not as much work as it seems. Guests, gu…

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26 October 2015

Kruger on Foot

Click here and take a walk on the wild side through the Greater Kruger region. 

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21 October 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Prompt your guests to engage with you socially

TIP: Your guests need to be prompted to engage with your business on social media and it is up to you to make this happen!   Further information about becoming social: Your guests need to be prompted to engage with you on social media. Here are a few ways to get them to do this: - Create a QR code for Facebook or Twitter and have this prominently displayed at the front desk and in the rooms - Also make sure your social media URLs are written in your guest information book - Make sure…

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19 October 2015

The Cape Winelands with a difference

Click here to uncork the passion behind the Cape Winelands

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14 October 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Be clever with your WiFi password

TIP: Did you ever think that your WiFi password could be a marketing tool? Well it can.  Find out how to make your WiFi password work for you: During a recent trip, our CEO was told that the WiFi password was 'tripadvisorplease' - this immediately got him thinking, prompting him to write a TripAdvisor review for the hotel. Other great WiFi passwords could be your twitter handle, a hashtag that you are trying to promote or a small reminder such as - 'happyhour4-6'? In …

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12 October 2015

A Journey of Giraffe

With populations in decline, take a closer look at the giraffe - the world’s tallest mammal. Click here to read more. 

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07 October 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Become an authority in your area

TIP: Don't be afraid to release news stories on your area. Become an authority and you will ultimately be respected for your views.  Further information about becoming an authority in your area: Do you run safaris in Tanzania or own a lodge in the Kruger area or a hotel in Cape Town? Who better than to report on things happening in your area than you? Don't let others get in there first and don't be afraid to accurately report on what is really going on. You know the are…

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05 October 2015


Click here to enjoy the splendour of Madagascar through sustainable tourism.

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30 September 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Content marketing is firstly about visual stimulation

TIP: Content marketing is about so much more than just a good story - visuals really are the key to getting your content noticed.  Further information about adding visuals to your content marketing: We cannot emphasize enough just how important great visuals are for content marketing. There are many ways to make your content visually appealing - from infographics as a fun way to display technical information, photos to demonstrate a story or videos to grab your audiences attention an…

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28 September 2015

West Coast Wonders Gallery

Click here for wild things to do among South Africa's wildflowers.

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23 September 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Make your blogs timeless!

TIP: A great blog post enjoys an extended online life that appeals to an endless stream of readers.  Further information about creating blogs that are timeless: While blogs that tie into certain days, hashtags and events may do well online, their longevity is limited. The key to creating blog posts that live a long online life, and build your brand in doing so, is to make sure your posts cater for what people are searching for. Things to do in..., tips for ..., the 10 best ... are al…

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22 September 2015

Hermanus & the not so False Bay

Click here to read about the waterside wonders just beyond Cape Town.

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16 September 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Choose the correct content partners

TIP: With so many content partners out there - it is important to choose the correct companies to partner with.   Further information about choosing the correct content partners: The correct content partners can really help to get your brand out there, and heads in beds. But any content strategy requires time, effort and money - that is why it is vital to be wise about your choice of content marketing partners and audiences. We recently got this comment from one of our Content …

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14 September 2015

Uganda Dreaming

Our photographer of the Year meets Uganda's most famous residents. Click here to see more. 

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10 September 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Develop a strategy for content marketing

TIP: According to tabsite 56% of companies don't have a content marketing strategy. This is one majority you don't want to be a part of!  Further information about creating a content marketing strategy: A clear content strategy helps you keep your message consistent, tying in with your business goals. Think about the following things when creating your strategy: - who are you trying to reach through your marketing? - are there certain dates/specials/goals that you want t…

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07 September 2015

The 9 Lives of Luangwa's Lions

Safeguarding Africa's apex predator. Click here to read more. 

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02 September 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Videos are the future

TIP: In case you haven't noticed - videos are all the rage. If you are not focussing on great video content then you are behind the times.  Further information about including videos in your blogs: Blogs with embedded videos and a short story about the video give people easy to digest, bite sized information. This is how readers are consuming information these days and if you are not investing in video then you are in trouble. Get a youtube channel and showcase your videos in you…

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01 September 2015

The Impossible 5

Click here to discover South Africa's most elusive mammals.

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27 August 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Don't spam your audience

TIP: No one likes a spammer. Be careful not to spam your audience, either via email or on your social media platforms.  Further information about not spamming your audience: Quality is always better than quantity. Be careful not to push out half-baked messages or the same message over and over again. Rather take the time to craft consistently useful messages rather than a half-baked promotional message. If you are going to send out advertorial content via email or social media make s…

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24 August 2015

10 Iconic African Destinations

The places that define this incredible continent. Click here for more details.  

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19 August 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Write for your audience, not for your brand

TIP: Your content should be geared towards what your audience wants to hear and not what you want them to hear - no one likes to be shouted at!   Further information about why you should write for your audience: There is a time and place for adverts and brochures and a blog is not this place. Blog articles, while brand building, should not be all about your brand. Its not about pushing your message at your audience as they will simply leave your blog - its about delivering them conte…

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17 August 2015

Sensational Seychelles

The Seychelles Archipelago is Mother Nature's masterpiece. Click here for more details.

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14 August 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Good content is not only about keywords

TIP: Quality content will always be more important than keywords when it comes to audience engagement and even search engine rankings.  Further information about why content is more important than keywords: Reaching the top of search engine results used to be about pumping out exact keywords but keywords should no longer be your top priority. If you write good content with a user in mind, the correct keywords will naturally be included. Nowadays Google also understands a p…

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10 August 2015


A wildlife surprise for even the most jaded safari enthusiast. Click here for more details.

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03 August 2015


We visit Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - a land of thirst with bounteous wildlife. Click here for more details. 

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29 July 2015

Get Africa Geographic’s Coffee Table Book for your establishment!

Africa Geographic is due to release a printed soft cover coffee table book celebrating the very best from Africa for the year. December 2015 will herald the very first annual print edition of the Africa Geographic Yearbook.  Expect a visual celebration of Africa – featuring the best from the continent for that year.  This showcase of the very best photographs and stories from the fields of natural history, culture and travel will live on your coffee table and at the best lodges…

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28 July 2015


With 20 potentially deadly snakes in Southern Africa, this is worth a read.

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20 July 2015

Deeper into Durban

Getting under the skin of South Africa's vibrant East Coast City. Click here to read more. 

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15 July 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Put people in the picture

TIP: Many lodges and safari operators have stunning photos in their marketing material and campaigns, but these photos often lack one key element: people.  Further information about putting people in your pictures: How often have you seen those wonderful photos of romantic candle-lit tables laid out by the riverside, with crystal glasses, crisp white linen and the pink sun setting in the background? And yet the chairs are empty and the scene somehow seems incomplete. By including peo…

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13 July 2015

Four Voices on Rhino Trade

Will clarity on rhinos help save other species? Click here to read more. 

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08 July 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: How to use hashtags effectively

TIP: Hashtags in social media are a great way to empower people to search for your content, and to create focus on key words. Done correctly they are great tools, but hashtag misuse will kill your campaign.  Further information about hashtag use: While excessive hashtaging on instagram is an effective strategy, the same cannot be said for Facebook. Imagine “#safari, #lions, #gamedrive, #bliss, #sunset, #bestdayofmylife on Instagram (effective) – and then on Facebook (anno…

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07 July 2015

Celebrating a Year Online

Click here to see the best of Africa Geographic Magazine's first year online. 

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01 July 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Stand out from the crowd

TIP: People have so much information thrown at them all the time that you really need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed!  Further information about how to stand out in a crowd: In order to be that giraffe in a herd of zebra you should spice up your blog posts with great pictures, fabulous videos and inciting headlines. Even wonderful narrative and interesting facts go unnoticed if unaccompanied by visual candy for those roving eyeballs. And great content with a boring headli…

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30 June 2015

In the Name of Ugly

The faces only mothers could love need some loving from you. Click here to read why. 

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22 June 2015

A Rock Art Jewel

Click here to discover what it takes to document the incredible rock art of the ancient San.

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15 June 2015

South Africa's Craft Beer Route

You've heard of South Africa's wine route, now click here to try the craft beer route! 

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08 June 2015

10 of the Best Horseback Safaris in Africa

Ten horseback safaris that'll have you chomping at the bit. Click here to see more. 

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01 June 2015

It's hard to be a man

As the time for the Xhosa male circumcision ritual nears we bring you an intimate account of this misunderstood and often dangerous ceremony. Find out more here. 

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26 May 2015

Ninjas of the Deep

This #WorldTurtleDay celebrate the superheroes of the Ocean with this story of survival. Click here to read more about loggerheads and leatherback turtles. 

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19 May 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: No room for lazy online marketers

TIP: Online marketing is about attention to detail and constant effort. There is no room for lazy marketers, despite the availability of tools that appear to do your work for you.  Further information about lazy online marketers.: The best rule of thumb for online marketers is that you get out what you put in. The inevitable consequence of falling behind the curve is your brand and business being sidelined in the drive towards consumer empowerment. The variety and quantity of online …

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18 May 2015

Photographic Competiton Roundup

These images didn't make the finals of our photographic competition, but they sure stole our hearts.  Click here to read about the competition and to see our 15 finalists. 

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14 May 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: So what is content marketing, in a nutshell?

TIP: Content marketing is the use of content to reach your target audience in order to yield defined business results (brand building and sales).  Further information about content marketing in a nutshell: Content marketing is typically done via a strategically planned and executed strategy to produce and distribute content using a variety of your own and third party online platforms - including websites, social media platforms and newsletters. Like every other marketing strategy, co…

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11 May 2015

Through a Land of Giants

Four intrepid explorers tackle the remote Ruvuma River between Tanzania and Mozambique. Click here to read more. 

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05 May 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Google enforces mobile focus onto website owners

TIP: Google’s recent announcement that its SEO algorithms will favour mobile friendly websites is massive news for marketers. But what does “mobile-friendly” mean?  Further information about what “Mobile-friendly” means for your website: This was the wording of Google’s announcement: "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide an…

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27 April 2015

Ethiopia's Church Forests

 Click here to read how churches are the gatekeepers of Ethiopia's forests.

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21 April 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 6 tips on how to moderate your social media communities

TIP: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor have introduced enormous content marketing opportunities. But they have also shifted the power of brand management to the consumer – sometimes to your detriment. Small issues can escalate and get out of control very quickly if you do not actively manage and moderate. Here are our 6 tips for better social media community management. : 1. Always reply to questions and criticism aimed at your business. 2. Always be cour…

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20 April 2015

Elephant Charities

Are your donations really saving Africa's most iconic species? Find out here.

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15 April 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: The rise of video in travel content marketing

TIP: Marketing experts predict that online video is poised for massive growth as a content marketing tool and Cisco says that video will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Most social media platforms now host video content and smart phones are the chosen viewing device for most people. Further information about how to make the most of video as a travel content marketing tool: 1. Keep it short. Consider a 6 second clip to get a simple message cross, up to…

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14 April 2015

Finding Gold in Gabon

Click here to discover the African cat you've never heard of

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10 April 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Travel trends from top travel editors

Editors of travel magazines and large travel-related communities have 24/7 contact and dialogue with every travel marketer’s dream client base. So when they speak it’s a good idea to listen. Here’s what’s trending, according to 10 travel editors – note the focus on social media as a marketing channel. Become a member of Africa Geographic's Content Marketing Kit here.  

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09 April 2015

The Big Five for a Small Price

Click here to read about a luxury wildlife safari even South Africans can afford!

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30 March 2015

365 Days into Ebola

Click here to read how the world looked away while West Africa bled.

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25 March 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Great photos make great blog posts

TIP: Never under-estimate the power of great photos when it comes to achieving high readership of your blog posts. Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: Great photos make for great blog posts because humans are visual creatures, instantly attracted to eye candy that generates an emotional response. We are also more likely to share a great photo with our networks. In fact the team at Africa Geographic suggests that your blog post readership will be of the mag…

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23 March 2015

Keep Calm and Cruise On

Click here to read about Southern Africa, the less charted coastline for European cruise liners. 

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17 March 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: How to start, maintain and grow your blog

TIP:  Blogs are a vital component of any marketing campaign. Find a few hours with no distractions and read this excellent free website - easy steps from experts to start, maintain and grow your blog:   Become a member of Africa Geographic's Content Marketing Kit here.

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16 March 2015

Life in the Ashes

Rising from the flames in Table Mountain National Park. #CapeFire Click here to read more! 

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10 March 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Is content marketing just clever advertising?

TIP: Content marketing is not just clever advertising. A good marketing campaign includes elements of advertising and content marketing, and its important to understand the difference between these two very different strategies. Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: If you want short bursts of attention then a clever advertising campaign is the way to go. The medium of choice is banners and made-up adverts and it’s generally a monologue – a one-way ou…

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09 March 2015

Running the Gauntlet

Crocs and lions aren't the only perils wildebeest face along their migration route. Click here for more. 

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03 March 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Travelers NEED your content

TIP: Providing useful and inspirational content to travelers fills a NEED and is a massive marketing opportunity for travel marketers – to go along with your advertising campaigns. Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: Travelers need your content because: 1.     During the trip planning stage the NEED is for inspiration and information – which will help them make decisions about where, what and how. 2.     Duri…

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02 March 2015

Living Wild in Liuwa

Click here to read about redefining our perceptions about communities in conservation. 

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23 February 2015

Surfing Senegal

Read about the West African fishing tribe that rides the waves here

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17 February 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 7 ways to succeed on TripAdvisor

TIP: TripAdvisor is the default review site for travellers, so knowing how to make the most of your membership is key to succeeding on that platform. Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: 1. Keep your TripAdvisor content updated and fresh 2. Respond immediately to reviews (positive and negative) and be polite and professional at all times 3. Learn from negative reviews and change what needs to change 4. Encourage guests to post reviews by requesting them to do s…

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16 February 2015

Women of the Wilderness

Click here to read how ladies are breathing fresh life into guided safaris.

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11 February 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 6 website essentials

TIP: A good website is vital – without it you don’t exist for many people. Here’s a short list of the bare essentials of a good hotel website. If your website does not get 6/6 get hold of a professional and make some changes. Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: Bare essentials for a good hotel website: 1. Fast loading, uncluttered design, easy navigation 2. Great photos, videos and short bursts of informative text 3. Optimised f…

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09 February 2015

Vic Falls Africa's Adventure Capital

Terrifying or awesome? You decide in this adventure packed article!

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06 February 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 6 tips for growing your social media community

TIP: Social media is now a primary tool for generating publicity and leads. Growing your own social media community reduces the cost of utilising other brands’ communities.   Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: 1. Give them content that is useful and interesting 2. Interact with them. Social media is not a broadcast platform – its designed to tap into the human need to be social 3. Fulfil a need. For example if your community needs ac…

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02 February 2015

The thing about Hunting

Click here to read why the hunting conversation hurts conservation.

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28 January 2015

A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Organic versus paid search

TIP: The best marketing campaigns have a mix of organic and paid search elements and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you make the most of your marketing spend.   Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip: Organic versus paid search: Organic advantages: 1. Good organic content remains out there for a long time – its “ever-green” 2. Organic content can foster a high level of trust and credibility 3. Organic con…

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26 January 2015

The Chocolate Isles

São Tomé & Príncipe's dark history gives way to the taste of paradise. Click here to read more... 

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19 January 2015

Exploring East Africa's coral reefs

Click here to read about the first ever large-scale survey of East African marine life

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12 January 2015

Josie Borain's Cape Town

Click here to read: 4 Days in the Mother City with a Chic Mama.

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05 January 2015

2014′s Top 10 Africa Geographic Stories and Galleries

Celebrating the very best of Africa Geographic Magazine. Click here to read more. 

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05 January 2015

Wild dogs and cats of Limpopo-Lipadi

Click here to see wonderful images celebrating the wild dogs and cats of Limpopo-Lipadi.

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23 December 2014

8 Christmas Gifts for Africa

 Click here to make a difference this holiday season. 

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15 December 2014

Africa's Arches

Running through the Sahara's archways for slain wildlife rangers. To read more click here 

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08 December 2014

How green is your safari?

Well-travelled environmental writer David Bristow tells us about the best eco-safaris. To read more click here

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01 December 2014

Selling Out

Click here to read why legalising trade in horn will hasten the demise of rhinos.

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24 November 2014

Monkey Business

Click here to discover: One couples crusade to save the creatures that some consider vermin. 

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17 November 2014

Samburu Sensations

You don't need to be a birder to enjoy this wild wonderland. Click here for more details!

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10 November 2014

When the ancestors dance

Click here to discover the ritual that strikes fear and awe in the Chewa people.

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04 November 2014

Conservation's best friend

Click here to see how the domestic dog protects African wildlife. 

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28 October 2014

Southern Africa: unplanned and unrestrained

Click here to discover the true value of spontaneity on a five month road trip. 

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20 October 2014

Cry wolf

The rarest wolf of all needs your help! Click here to find out how YOU can help save the Ethiopian wolf. 

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13 October 2014

One month with the Himba

Click here to read about Alegra Ally's intimate account of Namibia's most enigmatic tribe. 

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07 October 2014

Beyond the infinity pool

Click here to disocver what it takes to run a park at the sharp end of conservation.

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29 September 2014

The spaces in-between

This week we go road tripping through Botswana and Namibia, and savour the spaces in-between. To discover more about the spaces in-between click here.

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22 September 2014

The Victoria Falls 3 air combo

Go zip-lining, bungee jumping and gorge swinging at Victoria Falls in this blog. Click here for further details. 

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15 September 2014

Deepest darkest Africa

We visit the Kalahari to learn about the importance of dark skies to nature and man. For more info CLICK HERE 

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09 September 2014

The luckiest pangolin alive

Click here to read: the story of Katiti, a little pangolin who's making a big difference.

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01 September 2014

The living forest

Click HERE to visit the Congo rain forest's most famous inhabitants: the western lowland gorillas

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26 August 2014

Lion king or commodity

Click here to find out if we have turned the Lion King into nothing more than a commodity?

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18 August 2014

Three Years in the Wild

If you've ever dreamed of quitting your office job and exploring the wild, read this.

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11 August 2014

Trade in Ivory, the Burning Question.

To trade ivory or not. Read this week's online mag and tell us what you think HERE?

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04 August 2014

Shades of grey

In this week's online magazine, read about the grey parrot's perilous journey from  the forests of Congo to solitary confinement in your living room. Click HERE to read more.

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28 July 2014

Brighter days on the lake of stars

How a remote Mozambican lodge turns isolation from a curse into a blessing. Find out how here:

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21 July 2014

A walk on the wild side.

Africa's highest concentration of lion and massive herds of buffalo mean walking in Tanzania's Ruaha is the wildest of experiences.  Click here to find out more:  

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14 July 2014

Hunting with the Hadza

A journey back in time with one of the world's oldest tribes. Click here to read Hunting with the Hadza. 

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08 July 2014

Safari Chic

Click here to see some awesome images of Africa Geographic's pick of some African lodges that put the word ‘Chic’ in Safari. A celebration of fine Southern and East African lodges.

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04 July 2014

Africa Geographic online magazine

On Friday 4 July 2014 Africa Geographic announced the launch of its online magazine. It’s weekly and it’s free. The premium online magazine offers readers an insider view into the best travel, wildlife and culture stories across Africa. We have always emphasized photographic excellence and now we will set the bar even higher, and add video to the equation. Expect compatibility across all screen sizes and internet-enabled devices and a complete immersion in social media, with result…

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30 June 2014

Tourists answer our African travel survey

Do you know what comfort levels safari-goers to Africa prefer, or their favourite country, or even the most popular animal?    Africa Geographic is running an ongoing online survey aimed at finding out more from their international audience, of almost 1 million, about the modern day African traveller. See the detailed results and infographic from our safari survey here.

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26 June 2014

Tanda Tula welcomes Tony Park

Tony Park accompanied the winners of the Africa Geographic competition for an exclusive three-night experience at the new Tanda Tula Field Camp where tracking game on foot was the order of the day. Read about the experience here. 

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16 June 2014

Africa’s oldest wilderness under threat from mining

The iMfolozi Game Reserve, Africa's oldest proclaimed wilderness area, is under threat from mining as an open-cast coal mine is planned for imminent development on the reserve's southern boundary. Read about it here. 

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06 June 2014

Namibian government responds to elephant hunting debate

The Namibian government has published an official response to the "desert elephant" hunting debate. Read it here.

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30 May 2014

Head into the clouds on the Kirstenbosch walkway

Kirstenbosch's much anticipated Boomslang walkway through the tree-tops is now open! We go on a meander through the trees to find out what makes this walkway special. Read about it here.

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23 May 2014

A rhino lift

There aren’t many people who get to witness a rhino being air-lifted. Em Gatland joins the the game capture team at Imfolozi to document how it all happens in this blog:

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19 May 2014

Technology driving Cape Town’s recent self-catering boom

Cape Town has seen a recent boom in self-catering accommodation bookings, and technology could be the way of the future for small establishments reveals booking data. Read more here: Technology driving Cape Town’s recent self-catering boom

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09 May 2014

Mana Pools: Africa’s forgotten paradise

Nestled within the Zambezi Valley lies a creation of nature still pure and splendid, untouched and wild. With the mighty Zambezi flowing to the north, the adjacent floodplain plays host to one of the most astonishing wildlife experiences in Africa. Mana Pools allows one the rare privilege to travel back in time to an Africa we all wish we knew, an Africa free of human encroachment, an Africa of our dreams. Visit it with Africa Geographic here.

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28 April 2014

First photos of Liuwa’s lion cubs

Liuwa Park manager, Raquel Filgueiras, has captured the first clear images of the three lion cubs, born four months ago in Liuwa National Park. The cubs are the first born in Liuwa in a decade. See the adorable pictures here.  

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23 April 2014

A feast of hippos and crocodiles

Stunning images of a mass of over 100 crocodiles feeding on a dead hippo in the Luangwa River while a mass of hippos looks on. See the photos here.

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11 April 2014

Rhino horn – To trade or not to trade: Does it really matter?

The rhino horn trade is being punted as an option with ‘if it pays it stays’ philosophy. The counter argument being that we don’t understand the market, making it difficult to play with. Each a compelling argument in its own right, however are we are dividing our forces, our efforts and the rhino population while we debate the issue? Read this post.

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03 April 2014

White buffalo calves in Kruger area

Click here to see some amazing photos of a number of white buffalo calves spotted in the Thornybush Private Nature Reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park.

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27 March 2014

Tanzania’s exploding waters

Tanzania is one country along the East African coastline where dynamite or blast fishing still occurs with massive regularity, explains Linda Markovina in this blog post: Tanzania's exploding waters.

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18 March 2014

Africa Geographic’s big move

Africa Geographic has dropped its monthly print magazine for a weekly online magazine (free to view) and annual print edition. We have a thriving online and social media ecosystem with a rapidly growing audience and world-leading loyalty and engagement. In January our blog readers passed 200 000 unique people for the first time in any month, and on Facebook our community ( >400 000 on two pages and growing at >1 200 per day) has one of the highest engagement rati…

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13 March 2014

Guests cross flooded river in the Timbavati

The floods in the Kruger have made getting to certain lodges difficult but the staff at Tanda Tula have been making an innovative plan for guest. Check it out here. 

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07 March 2014

The Lower Zambezi beneath a copper sky

Should an Australian company be allowed to mine copper in one of Zambia’s most pristine National Parks? We discuss the copper mining developments planned for the Lower Zambezi National Park in this blog.

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28 February 2014

Chad sets fire to ivory stockpile

The President of the Republic of Chad, his excellency Idriss Déby Itno, lit the fire destroying his country’s 1.1 ton stockpile of ivory. See the pictures of the event and read more here.

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19 February 2014

Can Jackie Chan combat rhino poaching?

In an effort to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn a communication campaign aimed at Chinese and Vietnamese audiences was launched featuring popular Chinese film star and martial artist Jackie Chan. See the campaign here.

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11 February 2014

Rhinos: It’s time for Plan B

We do not get a second chance if we get the economics of rhino trading wrong; all the rhino in the wild will be gone. We have to get our policies right and there’s no room for experiments; viewing rhinos in small secure breeding farms is no substitute. It is time for a Plan B! Read more here.

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06 February 2014

A quarter of the world’s sharks and rays face extinction

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, many of the world's shark and ray species are under serious threat, particullary those found off the African coast. Read the full story here -  A quarter of the world’s sharks and rays face extinction

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29 January 2014

Global march for lions

South African wildlife activists have initiated a Global March for Lions that will be held in various cities throughout the world to highlight the plight of lions caught up in the canned hunting industry. Find out more information about the march in your city here - Global March for Lions

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23 January 2014

How the engagement ring proves that we shouldn’t trade rhino horn

Is your engagement ring to you what rhino horn is to the Chinese? We investigate some marketing myths in light of the proposal to legalise the trade in rhino horn. Read more here - How the engagement ring proves that we shouldn't trade rhino horn

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16 January 2014

Scientists call for critically endangered listing for West Africa’s lions

The living dead, scientists call them: populations of animals so small their extinction is all but inevitable. At the top of the list may be lions in West Africa, according to a paper published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. Read more here - Scientists call for critically endangered listing for West Africa's lions

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07 January 2014

Anti-elephant poaching story goes viral in China

A newspaper story about the impact of the ivory trade has gone viral in China, raising awareness among millions of Chinese, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The story, published on November 15 2013 in Southern Weekly, has been shared widely across Chinese web sites and social media, according to the conservation group. ”The total views of the original Southern Weekly Tweets and Retweets on Weibo (China’s Twitter/Facebook hybrid) exceeded 10 million. Most of the…

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06 January 2014

5 santas in Africa!

Merry Christmas! Here in Africa we do it a little differently… Our Santas tend to come in all shapes, sizes and forms! Click on the link to see 5 very merry Santas we found around Africa! 5 santas in Africa

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18 December 2013

Six million steps

Six Million Steps is a journey of one man hiking the South African coastline. The adventure will take place over roughly 3000 km, effecting change one step at a time. Read all about his journey here - Six Million Steps.

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12 December 2013

Legalising the trade in rhino horn and a wilderness of greed

South Africa is pushing hard for the legalisation of trade in rhino horn. With more than 20 tonnes of stockpiled horn the country stands to make a fortune if the CITES ban on the trade is lifted. Read more about this controversial issue here - Legalising the trade in rhino horn and a wilderness of greed.

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04 December 2013

Biodiversity Southern Africa Conference 2013

It’s no secret that Africa is home to a startling variety of life. Learning about Africa’s fascinating creatures (including the human ones) is something we've always delighted in. Join us as we spend four days surrounded by brilliant minds, learning about ground-breaking research at the Biodiversity Southern Africa conference, hosted by UCT’s Department of Biological Sciences from the 2nd to the 7th of December 2013. Read more about it here.

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28 November 2013

Leopards, leopards everywhere!

This is a good story about leopards making a comeback and a community of landowners who care. Read more about the innovative leopard identification project at Limpopo-Lipadi reserve in Botswana. Leopards, leopards everywhere!

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20 November 2013

Travel marketers must go Native

Buzzword alarm! OK, so a "Native Advert" is loosely defined as where the marketing message is part of the content. And it's a very important and growing aspect of travel marketing. Here is what we think about native advertising.

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13 November 2013

Call for China to close ivory factories

An estimated 36 000 elephants were killed in the past year – for ivory carvings and trinkets. This is the reality of the African elephant. See how you can get involved by calling for a ban on ivory and join these activities as they take a stand in Cape Town. See the full details here.

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06 November 2013

Africa Geographic magazine relaunch

Africa Geographic magazine relaunch:  Update from the CEO Many of you will have heard that our outsource print publisher Black Eagle Media has gone out of business and that we are going to relaunch Africa Geographic magazine in the first quarter of 2014 after a short enforced break. Here's a blog post about the situation: The blog post contains the basic information, but I though…

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18 October 2013

7 dumb comments from travel marketers

Here are 7 dumb comments that travel marketers make regarding advertising and social media exposure… 7 dumb comments from travel marketers

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16 October 2013

Marching for elephants

On Friday, 4 October 2013, fifteen official cities took part in the iworry International March for Elephants in an effort to protect and preserve the world’s elephants, here are some photos from the Cape Town march - Marching for Elephants

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09 October 2013

What’s a camel worth?

This interview with the Maasai and Samburu tribes tries to determine their views on owning cows vs. camels accordingly to practicality and tradition - What's a camel worth?

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03 October 2013

Elephant rescued from poacher’s snare

A young bull elephant was sighted with a horrible snare wrapped around his front leg. After an initial assessment, a decision had been made that he would have to be put down. However, considering it was late in the evening and dark, the bull was spared another day. One of the onlookers decided to contact Elephants Without Borders (EWB) to see if there was anything they could do to possibly help the situation… Read the rest of the story here - Elephant rescued from poacher's snare

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24 September 2013

Cute pangolin baby pictures

A while ago we posted some phenomenal pictures of a rarely seen African animal – the pangolin. That blog post led to an overwhelming flood of support and we would love to share this message as well as a few more beautiful baby pangolin pictures with you: Cute pangolin baby pictures

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18 September 2013

That Viral Video for my travel business

We’ve all seen those awesome “viral” videos that seem to spring up overnight and create a massive online sensation. So how do travel marketers create the next big #ViralVideo? And, on a broader level, is video an important tool for travel marketing? Read the article to find out: That Viral Video for my travel business

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12 September 2013

10 African animals in rapid decline

A number of Africa's most famous, beloved and beautiful species are in rapid decline. It is often shouted from the rooftops those animals that are listed as endangered or only have limited numbers left, and rightly so. However there are other species whose numbers, although appearing great in number, are fast being depleted. The population numbers of the ten animals and birds listed in this article are decreasing at a rapid rate and while they may not have the least numbers to top the &ldq…

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04 September 2013

Africa's lost apes - the shocking numbers

In the September 2013 issue of Africa Geographic magazine (page 46) we look into the shocking situation behind Africa’s lost apes. A little known or talked about trade, the stories and details behind its troubled history are almost akin to the slave trade of old. Here are some of the saddening and shocking numbers that put it all into perspective... The numbers behind the Lost Apes

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28 August 2013

The birth of a pangolin

Recently the Rare & Endangered Species Trust rescued a pangolin who then proceeded to give birth to the first Cape Pangolin born in captivity. Click here to see some amazing photos of this rare experience.

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21 August 2013

The effects of poaching on rhino herd dynamics

How does poaching affect the behaviour and family dynamics of rhino herds? Do the rhinos feel the pressure they are under and, if so, how do they exhibit it? We investigate in this blog post... The effects of poaching on rhino herd dynamics

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16 August 2013

Getting the most out of TripAdvisor

If there’s one online platform all establishments HAVE to be involved in, it’s TripAdvisor. This blog post tells you what, why, how and gives you a few tips.  Getting the most out of TripAdvisor

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14 August 2013

Its time to take stock of our Elephants

Time is ticking by for Africa’s elephants. We reflect on the plight of Africa’s elephants and what it is that we can do to turn back the clock. If you spent just half an hour pondering why it is important to step up the game for Africa’s elephants, here are 5 things worth considering: 1. The demand for ivory in the East, notably China, is on the increase. Previous experimental sales through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have shown that it…

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23 July 2013

That Perfect Blog Post for Travel Marketing

It’s been said before, but a well-crafted blog post is “the gift that keeps on giving” – it enjoys an extended online life and delivers an endless stream of readers.  That perfect blog post for travel marketing

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10 July 2013

What makes a good hotel web site?

Your web site is STILL an essential business and communications tool, despite the plethora of digital tools and platforms around.  Here's what I look for in a good web site. What makes a good hotel web site?    

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02 July 2013

8 essential elements of your online travel marketing strategy

It's so tough to keep up with the rising flood of new digital tools, devices, buzzwords and strategies. A bit like that lioness charging into a herd of dashing zebras – all stripes, dust and chaos. In amongst all the clutter I like to focus on 8 core travel marketing tools and activities. 8 Essential elements of your online travel marketing strategy

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30 May 2013

Travel Marketing in the Digital Age

Sound digital marketing advice for African tourism establishments that want to be  

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13 September 2012

Africa Geographic's new look. Here’s what to expect

  The September 2012 edition of Africa’s flagship magazine is showing a bright, new face to the world with a major redesign of its masthead and branding. But there is much more to it than just a facelift as Africa Geographic now also includes the very best features previously published in Africa – Birds & Birding magazine. The result? More pages and a wider range of articles than ever before. To give you an idea of just how diverse Africa Geographic is, the September issue…

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25 July 2012

Africa Geographic magazine bigger and better as from Sep 2012

  September 2012 will see the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our proud history.  Africa Geographic magazine will be re-launched as a bigger, better journal that will incorporate its associate magazine Africa – Birds & Birding. Combining content, readers and advertisers of these two leading magazines makes sense, for everybody concerned.  This is the next phase in our evolution as Africa’s leading magazine about wildlife, people and travel …

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11 July 2012

Safari interactive magazine readership soars

70,253 unique readers for issue 7 - that’s the exciting news from Africa Geographic’s online travel magazine/blog called Safari interactive magazine. Of these readers more than 8,000 have registered as subscribers.  Readers come from 179 countries, with USA (37%) the largest contingent. Geographical spread: Americas 46%, Europe 24%, and Africa 17% Safari is also available as an app for iPad and Android, with a strong growth in app sales. Safari is promoted throughout the 2-mon…

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