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Odzala Discovery Camps you have the privilege and thrill of observing one of our closest relatives and other rainforest wildlife in safety and comfort. Ngaga Camp and Lango Camp are intimate, sensitively constructed camps that blend expertly into their surrounds. Each has splendid communal areas and six beautiful guest suites, all made from locally sourced materials. Ngaga camp is particularly enthrilling as it is located in a marantaceae clearing, each suite raised 3 to 4 metres above the forest floor with vistas at the height of the tree canopy. Lango camp is situated close to the Lekoli River and has elevated decks connected by timber walkways. It looks out over Lango Bai where various animals, particularly forest buffalo congregate. The elusive forest elephant also visits, and often at night can be heard feeding on the trees next to the bungalows.Mboko Camp, offers visitors breathtaking views of the interface between the tropical rainforest and grassland savannah where hundreds of towering termite mounds help create an otherworld experience. Activities from our camps open Odzala and its wide range of habitats, species and experiences . Each camp is unique and completely different in experience making a visit to all three together a must do bucket list item. Ngaga Camp is home to our western Lowland Gorillas. Magda Bermanjo and Herman who operate under SPAC work with the research team on building mutual relationships with our three gorilla groups. Lango camp overlooks one of the biggest bai's in Odzala National Park where all our beautiful wildlife big and small take in some much needed minerals and nutrients. Mboko Camp which is our Newer built camp operates as the base, but hosts many of our activities with grazing forest buffalo and elephants.The Congo Conservation Company is proud to pioneer eco-tourism in the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzavile) and works towards creating a sustainable future for the park and for the surrounding villages. 

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