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Handpicked Africa is a specialist marketing and public relations company dedicated to promoting an exclusive collection of personally chosen lodges for their unique appeal.

We are based in London and, although most of our services are directed at the UK market and it's key tour operators, we also strive to target new and emerging markets abroad. Since it's launch Handpicked Africa has marketed it's clients in the UK, the USA, South Africa, Germany, France, Holland, Dubai and Australia. 

Handpicked Africa recognises the importance of continuous communication with the leading tour operators. We act as a point of contact in the UK and worldwide who can actively work on marketing strategies with agents to significantly increase exposure and bookings.


Where we operate

  • Kenya
  • South Africa

Activities offered

  • Accommodation
  • Riding Safaris
  • Safaris - Fixed Camp


30 September 2016

Lewa Wilderness to Take Reservations In-House

We are delighted to announce that, as of the 1st October, Lydia Craig will be taking on the reservations for Lewa Wilderness.  Lydia is the eldest daughter of Will and Emma Craig, the owners of Lewa Wilderness, so we are thrilled to be able to bring this part of the operation back into the family. This is a very exciting move and in order to make it as smooth as possible, we wanted to outline a few key points to help you, as the agents, with the changeover: 1) All existing bookings made …

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14 June 2016

Handpicked Africa is delighted to discover RAW Botswana

Handpicked Africa welcomes RAW BOTSWANA and its team to our portfolio. RAW Botswana operates from a delightful 10 bedded, tented MOTSWIRI CAMP nestled on the banks of the Selinda Spillway on the northern fringes of the OKAVANGO DELTA.  RAW Botswana perfectly fits the Handpicked portfolio being independently owned, small and intimate, and very personalised. Having just been to visit, my opinion is that it has a wonderful balance between luxury and simplicity without removing you from the &…

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03 June 2016

Xanadu, Zanzibar! Handpicked Africa's new client

Here is a little teaser video. And their website: www.xanadu-villas.com The brand new and stunning Xanadu has 6 uniquely designed villas surrounding a central thatched dining area and pool just a few meters from the beach. Handpicked Africa is their representation company so please email katecoleridge@handpickedafrica.co.uk for rate and fact sheets. 

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11 March 2016

Africa Party Tonight! (Friday 11th)

Handpicked Africa is on the committee for a charity fundraiser tonight in MODE nightclub in West London. Theme is Desert Stardust - in memory of David Bowie. Cause is Rhino Conservation. Please visit the Desert Heart Facebook Page to buy a ticket or click on this link: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/desert-heart-2016-tickets-20696854850 It will be a seriously fun party. Hope to see you there!!   

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16 November 2015

Campi ya Kanzi joins the Handpicked Africa collection

Handpicked Africa is now representing Campi ya Kanzi, a stunning safari lodge in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. For more infomriton please visit Campi ya Kanzi's updated website which also has access to their high resolution photo galary www.maasai.com Please contact Kate or Sacha on info@handpickedafrica.co.uk for any futher information. 

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20 July 2015

Namibia Horse Safari Company joins the Handpicked Africa collection

Handpicked Africa is now representing Namibia Horse Safari Company. This is the only mobile riding operation in Namibia and offers five exciting rides across vast deserts, through dramatic canyons and gorges, and along the Skeleton coast. For more informtion please contact Kate Coleridge on kate@handpickedafrica.co.uk 

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22 June 2015

The Emakoko joins the Handpicked Africa collection

Handpicked Africa is now representing The Emakoko, a stunning safari lodge in Nairobi National Park. Clients can avoid the infamous traffic and start their safari moments after landing at JKIA. http://www.emakoko.com Please call us for any information or updates on +44 208 354 0458 or email info@handpickedafrica.co.uk Thank you!

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29 May 2015

Lewa Wilderness Goes Solar

Since 1972 Lewa Wilderness has been dependent on diesel generators for its power requirements. On May 19th 2015 the generator was turned off and the power for the entire lodge was switched across to a new photovoltaic solar plant, consisting of a total of 90 solar panels, which produce a maximum of 30 kilowatts of renewable energy - enough power from the sun to run the entire lodge, including all fridges and freezers. To heat the water, electric heaters have been disgarded and "state…

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27 March 2015

Kate Coleridge revamps Handpicked Africa's look.

Please check out our new website www.handpickedafrica.co.uk which has useful information about the lodges in our collection. If any of these are of interest to your company,  please do contact us for a meeting. Meanwhile, Handpicked Africa is ready to expand. With 2 of us working full time from London, we are looking for more lodges to represent. If you need a marketing boost in the UK, please contact us for a proposal. 

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12 February 2015

Lewa Wilderness is staying open for Easter

With Easter falling over the first weekend of April, Lewa Wilderness have decided to stay open until the 6th April.  For any more information please contact Kate or Sacha at info@handpickedafrica.co.uk     

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03 September 2014

Lewa Wilderness Renovations

Lewa Wilderness have been busy all year revamping and renovating the lodge and gardens to give a fresh and more contemporary feel. The lawns have been cleared for better views, the thatch has been replaced on the garden rooms allowing more light in, there is new lighting and chairs in the dining room, new lanterns to mark wider paths to the rooms, and we have renovated several of the bathrooms. We are really keen to show you our new improved look, so please book in for an educational visit. Pl…

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02 September 2014

Borana Conservancy

Check out this short film from Feral Films about the incredible rhino introduction onto the Borana Conservancy. The film follows the translocation of 21 black rhino from Lewa Wildlife Conservation and Nakuru National Park and presents the start of this story soon to be a huge break through for rhino conservation. Many thanks to our good friend Jimmy Greenwood……Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IhSS91pJi0&feature=share

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01 September 2014

The new season begins at Bartholomeus Klip

We are now open again after a month of renovations. The floors have been sanded, the walls painted, the garden touched up, beautiful new linen covers and the beds & our staff are all rejuvenated after their holiday. We are ready for the exciting year ahead.      For more information please see www.bartholomeusklip.com or contact katecoleridge@handpickedafrica.co.uk

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18 August 2014

In light of last week's World Lion Day, Campi ya Kanzi & the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust team up to help their plight.

Atta #World Lion Day As we are all unfortunately aware, the global lion population is decreasing rapidly, not only continent wide, but in Kenya most specifically. It very clear, to Campi ya Kanzi, that something needs to be done. Campi ya Kanzi partnered together with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (sole beneficiary of Campi ya Kanzi’s nightly $100 conservation fees) are finding dedicated ways to contribute to a holistic strategy in addressing these increasing threats to such a…

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11 August 2014

Campi ya Kanzi is 100% water bottle free

Campi ya Kanzi strives in every possible way throughout daily operations to be loyal stewards of the environment, protecting the land, wildlife, and cultural diversity. Campi ya Kanzi is now proud to announce that... they are 100% plastic bottle free!  Apart from our state of the art European water purification system, which uses two different filters and a UV light to completely purify all of our drinking water. We have now just received a whole shipment of these beautiful red Campi ya K…

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08 August 2014

Campi ya Kanzi News

18 years after having set foot in the Chyulu Hills we felt it was time to get Campi ya Kanzi in full adulthood! We have built new luxury tented cottages, new Tembo House interior décor, new beddings and linens, new solar systems… and the list could go on. We are also launching new activities such as Kidz Club, Pentathlon Safaris, and even Africa flying safaris!  Hand Picked Africa are helping us with our marketing so please contact them for a presentation or information…

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07 August 2014

Revenge or Stupidity?!

Leobo's resident honey badger thought it a good idea to explore an angry porcupine's home and came off slightly worse for wear. Thankfully he was rescued by Quintus and Chris who carefully removed all the quills one by one, only to have the honey badger run straight back down the porcupine’s hole again! This little fighter is spotted regularly at Leobo which is very exciting for the guests. 

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06 August 2014

New Stables and Offices at Horizon Horseback

Horizon Horseback is delighted to announce they have knocked down the office and the old stable yard area, and replaced them with a new beautiful red brick, light and spacious office and stables set further back from the lodge. This has transformed the look of the yard, so it is significantly smarter, but also reduces any yard noise carrying over to rock lodge room. 

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11 July 2014

Campi ya Kanzi joins Hand Picked Africa

Campi ya Kanzi in the stunning Chulu Hills, Kenya is re-launching in to the UK market having been focused primarily with US and Italian clients. Kate Coleridge and Sacha Craig from Hand Picked Africa will be marketing Campi ya Kanzi so please contact us for any information or a presentation. http://www.handpickedafrica.co.uk/index.html  

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09 July 2014

Borana Lodge joins Hand Picked Africa

Borana Lodge and Laragai private house will now be represented by Kate Coleridge and Sacha Craig of Hand Picked Africa. Please call us for any information or updates on +44 208 354 0458. Thank you! katecoleridge@handpickedafrica.co.uk

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08 July 2014

Horizon Horseback adds a new African Explorer date

October and November are popular months for Horizon and the African Explorer ride has sold out very quickly. We are pleased to announce we have added the new date in November.  The African Explorer Safari is amazing value: riding in two countries over 8 days, guests begin by riding with plains game and progress to riding with elephant and lion. This safari combines four nights at Horizon Horseback’s Camp Davidson with three nights at Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris in Bo…

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02 July 2014

Leobo Private Reserve launch a new website

Hand Picked Africa hosted a very succcessful event in Soho last week showcasing the Leobo Private Reserve film, produced by the renowned wildlife film maker Leander Ward. With the exciting new fotage, Leobo's brand new website has now been launched. Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a wonderful eveing.  http://leoboprivatereserve.com/  

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06 June 2014

New Lewa Wilderness Website

Lewa Wilderness has recently launched a new website, please have a look for great new pictures and a summery of all our acivites. If you have any questions please contact Kate Coleridge or Sacha Craig at Hand Picked Africa.  http://lewawilderness.com/  

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09 April 2014

Lewa Wilderness joins the Hand Picked Africa Collection

Kate Coleridge will now be representing Lewa Wilderness in Laikipia, Kenya. Please contact katecoleridge@handpickedafrica.co.uk for info / rates / new images, or call 0208 354 0458 for a meeting. I will come to your office in the UK or we can meet at Indaba in the Atta tent.

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18 February 2014

Bartholomeus Klip's cook book "Life on a Cape Farm"

Bartholomeus Klip’s newly published award-winning cook book ‘Life on a Cape Farm’ offers a journey through recipes into the daily activities at Bartholomeus Klip, as well as an insight into their 9th generation working farm and fair trade principles.  With Bartholomeus Klip already famous for incredible cuisine, the cook book makes a wonderful gift to your clients at the end of their stay, or on completion of Bartholomeus Klip’s increasingly popular cooking cl…

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28 June 2013

Hand Picked Africa welcomes Nalepo Mara Camp to it's collection.

Hand Picked Africa is delighted to be representing Nalepo Mara Camp in Kenya's Masai Mara. With only 6 tents Nalepo is small and personal and the setting is stunning on the banks of the Talek River. For any more information, please see Hand Picked Africa's website and contact Kate Coleridge for a presentation. 

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09 April 2013

Hand Picked Africa welcomes Leobo Private Reserve.

Hand Picked Africa is proud to announce the welcome of Leobo Private Reserve to it's collection. Leobo is an exciting and unique addition to the private houses of South Africa so please contact UK representative Kate Coleridge on katecoleridge@handpickedafrica.co.uk for more information. http://www.handpickedafrica.co.uk/collection.html

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