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LOUIS-THE-LAWYER® is the brand of Advocate Louis Nel, created & used to signify the alternative approach Louis has to the law & issues with a legal connotation. This is evidenced by an approach that focuses heavily on pro-activity i.e. ensuring risk identification and management thereof by practices and documentation that is compliant with the law, enforced commercially and hand-in-hand with that, the preference for mediation in the resolving of disputes.       

Risk identification and management is propagated by means of articles, workshops, newsletters & webinars as well as customized in-house training. The mediation process is founded on four principles: (1) Monetary: it is much cheaper than litigation; (2) Time: it is much quicker than litigation both in duration & finding a mutually acceptable outcome; (3) Branding: as it is without prejudice and off the record, no damage is done to the brand; (4) Knowledge & connectivity: as Louis works with 15 tourism bodies across Southern Africa and has 33 years’ experience, he is able to ‘open doors’ to senior management & preside over/facilitate such mediation seamlessly & effectively.    

Louis furthermore offers (1) Services & products tailor-made for the industry (2) A discounted fee structure & 24/7/365 service via his Legal Advice Club known as BASTA™ (‘Benchmark’s Advisory Service for SMME & Travel & Tourism Associates’) & (3) His unique ‘Legal Audit’tm product aimed at proactive legal compliance (especially with the CPA & POPI)

Louis also works closely with the various insurance entities and their clients such as Camargue, BKA Brokers, Crawford Dougall, GIB, Marsh, M&F, Multiplan, RBS, SANTAM, Staysure, Status Willis Group.

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Where we operate

  • Botswana
  • Lesotho
  • Mauritius
  • Malawi
  • Namibia
  • Swaziland
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe


12 February 2020

Electronic Signatures In South Africa [Part 1 Of 3]

Footnote: I've Decided to Interrupt My 'Defamation/Social Media' Series Yet Again! The Reason Is That I Have Had Some Many Enquiries About Electronic Signatures That I've Decided A 3 Part Article So Here We Go!

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09 December 2019

Indemnities And The '7 Tiers Of Protection'[Part 2]

Footnote: I've Decided To Interrupt My 'Defamation/Social Media' Series With Something Highly Topical Last month in part 1 I discussed the role of the CPA, common law & customer briefing - I will now consider acceptance of risk, T&C and insurance.

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25 October 2019

Indemnities And The '7 Tiers Of Protection'[Part 1]

Footnote: I've Decided To Interrupt My 'Defamation/Social Media' Series With Something Highly Topical As you may recall I wrote an article on indemnities a couple of years ago dealing with the indemnity/waiver concept from the perspective of the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA'). It dealt inter alia with the content of your indemnity and signage and the adjustments you'd have to make to align your business with the CPA.

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13 August 2019

Social Media & Defamation (Insert #2) – What Must Be Proved & Who Has To Prove It (Burden Of Proof)?

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07 June 2019

Louis-The-Lawyer's BASTA Bullets (Back with A Bang!)

Social Media & Defamation (Insert #1) – Tread Warily!

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