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African Based Travel Specialist

Senfuka Road 1, Muyenga, Kampala, P.O. Box 1881
Member Number: 203799 Tel: +256 77 9646072

Matoke Tours was established in The Netherlands and has been specializing in trips to Uganda and Rwanda since 2001. Tanzania and Zanzibar were offered since 2008. Matoke Tours is now recognized as one of East-Africa's leading tour operators, thanks to their professionalism and dedication to providing customized, private and group tours. Beside that many respected tour operators from all over the world use Matoke Tours as their ground handler in Uganda.

Matoke Tours was voted sustainable leader in Uganda 2011/ 2012.


Where we operate

  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zanzibar

Activities offered

  • Accommodation
  • Ballooning
  • Beach Holidays
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Flying Safaris
  • Overland
  • Retail
  • Safaris - Fixed Camp

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Matoke Tours was voted Sustainable leader in Uganda in 2012.

UCOTA (the Uganda Community Tourism Association) developed a set of sustainable tourism criteria based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

This process included the creation of an advisory board made up of representatives from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage (MTWH), the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), the Uganda Tourism Association (UTA), the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA) and Makerere University’s Department of Biodiversity and Tourism.

The survey measures a businesses performance on the three key elements of sustainability: management, social/economic benefits, and environmental considerations. From the gathered statistics, Matoke Tours was voted among the 5 most sustainable tour operators in Uganda!


For more information about what we do, we invite you at our website.



Uganda Conservation Foundation

Matoke Tours is member of- and donor to the Uganda Conservation Foundation. Uganda is rebuilding fast following decades of political upheaval. The wildlife and wild places are slowly recovering but the pressure on natural resources, in a country with the world’s third highest human population growth rate, is immense. Achieving the balance – between human development and wildlife and habitat conservation – is critical. This is precisely the aim of the Uganda Conservation Foundation. UCF was set up to help previously war-stricken, heavily poached, high biodiversity regions in Uganda and Central Africa. Working with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, UCF seeks to sensitise communities and demonstrate through practical projects how financial benefits can be gained from conservation.


War Child

War Child is an NGO based in Northern Uganda. The Lord Resistance Army of Joseph Kony was killing and raping people in Northern Uganda for over 20 years and trained children to be sex slaves or soldiers. This terrible war is finally over and the area is safe again. War Child has many projects whereby children that were never able to go to school, are trained skills. They can be trained to be a mechanic, a carpenter or a hairdresser to be able to generate an income. You can visit the War Child project in Gulu with Matoke Tours and meet the children and see how the project works. It is a fascinating experience for both you and the children, who are more than proud to show you what they are making out of their life's. You will as well meet the family of the children in the village during a local dinner. Matoke Tours contributes 30 dollars per person for each person visiting this project.


07 January 2016

The World's First Gorilla Encounter in Virtual Reality

Experience the Travel Sector’s First Virtual Reality Travel Brochure On 6 January 2016, Matoke Tours is launching the first virtual reality travel brochure allowing travellers to experience a complete virtual Ugandan safari. Come eye-to-eye with mountain gorillas, including a close-up encounter with a curious gorilla grabbing the camera. Matoke Tours is announcing the travel industry’s first true virtual reality travel brochure designed to be experienced in your home or on the go w…

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