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Rhino Africa is an African Inbound Tour Operator, covering both Southern and East Africa. The concept behind Rhino Africa is unique yet simply. Our understanding of the guest experience, combined with extensive product and destination knowledge, makes us specialists in building tailor-made itineraries that accurately match customer expectation and need with the relevant African product and experience. Africa is an emerging Travel destination, and seen by many as an adventure destination. A trip to Africa is often the culmination of a lifelong dream, and as such customers want the reassurance of an African specialist, which is seldom resident outside of the continent. Using the web as a medium, Rhino Africa is able to offer both reach and richness to our prospective customers across the globe. Visit us at www.rhinoafrica.com. Rhino Africa is built around its customers and industry partners. Our customer’s requirements are the driving force behind our development, and whatever their requirements, our goal is to respond as quickly and effectively as possible, to provide superior service that meets and exceeds expectation. We recognise that people are our most important asset, and through them we play a full and active role in bringing Africa to the world. That's why, as Rhino Africa continues to expand and develop, one thing will never change. We will always remain built around our customers.

Where we operate

  • Botswana
  • Kenya
  • Lesotho
  • Madagascar
  • Mauritius
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Reunion
  • Rwanda
  • Seychelles
  • eSwatini (Swaziland)
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zanzibar

Activities offered

  • Accommodation
  • Ballooning
  • Beach Holidays
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing
  • Golf
  • Mobile Safaris
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Riding Safaris
  • Safaris - Fixed Camp
  • Self-Drive Holidays
  • Weddings


27 February 2017

Top 10 Activities In Victoria Falls

Vic Falls is known as the adventure capital of Africa, and one look at what awaits visitors here and you can see why! Of course, the focal point of many activities is the falls itself but beyond ‘the smoke that thunders’ there is much to excite and exhilarate visitors. From bungee jumping to white river rafting, there is a myriad of activities to keep everyone happy, as well as some gentler pursuits for the less adventurous…  1. Scenic Microlight Flights For a rather d…

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24 February 2017

Doing Good and Leaving our Legacy in Africa

Rhino Africa Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Rhino Africa’s Doing Good division. It is focused on supporting and growing community and conservation initiatives in Africa through a unique and generous partnership with our travellers, suppliers, and employees. It is our vision to leverage our authority in travel to nurture the human and natural capital and to ensure its sustainable development.  We empower our travellers to leave a legacy in Africa.  By travelling and b…

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23 February 2017

Step Back in Time with the Zu/’Hoasi Bushmen of Botswana

The Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana is one of the most remote wilderness destinations in Africa, a land hidden from civilisation and forgotten by time. This sense of isolation and insulation from the outside world is best exemplified by the Zu/’hoasi Bushmen. Uncharted Africa’s Jack’s Camp offers guests the opportunity to spend some time with the tribe learning about their culture and traditions, and offers a window into the past. The Bushmen teach visitors how they have …

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21 February 2017

So You’ve Heard of the Great Migration… but what about the Zebra Migration?

The Great Migration, often called ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’, is one of Africa’s most renowned attractions — consisting of over a million wildebeest along with huge numbers of gazelle and zebra, it’s not hard to see why. But wildebeest are not the only mammals that make such an incredible annual trek… Recently, researchers have discovered that zebras make an impressive journey of their own in Botswana. The details of this epic trip aren’t …

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17 February 2017

7 Reasons why Namibia is so special

Namibia is like an exposed gem, just sitting out there in the desert waiting to be discovered and explored. It’s the remoteness – Namibia is one of the least densely populated places in the world – that makes it such a unique and stirring place to visit. But of course, there is more to it than just vast open spaces and hauntingly beautiful scenery. In fact, we can name seven things that make Namibia a place worth exploring…     1. The Landscapes   Untou…

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13 February 2017

Go on safari from anywhere in the world!

Rhino Africa has released a new and innovative ‘Virtual Safari’ for viewers to experience the beauty of Africa in a new and exciting way. Utilising specially-designed 360° video equipment, Rhino Africa has ventured into the African bush to capture unique footage of Africa’s animals.  Rhino Africa is the first company to launch a ‘Virtual Safari’, which aims to provide an experience as close as possible to the real thing. The videos aim to whet the …

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09 February 2017

Rhino Africa launches new photography competition, Africa’s Photographer of the Year

Rhino Africa has launched a photography competition called Africa’s Photographer of the Year with a grand prize of a safari for two valued at $25,000. The global competition will span 2017 and has been divided into four categories.

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02 August 2016

Rhino Africa Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Mobile Video Series to Inform and Inspire African Travellers

Rhino Africa, Africa’s leading safari company, has launched a new video series that answers any and all questions travellers to Africa may have.

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