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43/60 Mphonongo Road, Lilongwe
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The Latitude Hotels Group was born out of necessity – the owners could find so few quality, ‘cool’, urban African city hotels to recommend to their transferring guests, business associates or indeed to stay in themselves. Whilst wondrous safari & beach destinations abound in Africa many is the traveller who has bemoaned a city stay beyond Cape Town until the birth of Latitude. Now set in Lusaka, Lilongwe and most recently Kampala, The Latitude Hotels group is continually growing and taking on new challenges in up and coming African cities.

Five years on and Latitude is now established as a unique African lifestyle brand offering chic city hotels as slick as the most sought after in Europe - think Soho House with groovy African overtones and you will come somewhere close to what makes Latitude so desirable and so unique to Africa.

Latitude sees its relationship with each local economy as a symbiotic one with corporate responsibility and sustainability at the heart of the brand; the majority of employees are local, as are architects, engineers & quantity surveyors, whilst each hotel provides a showcase for local artists & producers keen to promote what the best of Africa can really look like.

Each property exudes an individual spirit that is at once natural, engaging, creative & playful – a city destination that hums with vibrancy and potential. Be it in the restaurants & bars, or in the workspaces and meeting rooms, Latitude aims to provide interactive destinations where guests feel inspired and can enjoy the opportunity to get together, network, create and realise business ideas.  

Where we operate

  • Malawi
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

Activities offered

  • Accommodation
  • Eco tourism


01 May 2020

The Latitude Hotels Group launch ‘Latitude Gratitude’ – a community investment initiative to support local neighbourhoods

As the world tackles the Coronavirus pandemic the consequences for already vulnerable economies and communities are stark. Not only are health-care systems rudimentary at best, access to basic hygiene factors of soap and water to reduce the virus transmission is limited. Prevention is key, but according to the WHO only 15% of the population in Sub Saharan Africa has access to a basic handwashing facility of soap and water.

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18 September 2014

Latitude 15 Opens in Lusaka

With 18 rooms Latitude 15 follows on from the success of Latitude 13 in Lilongwe. As a hotel hosting consultants, executives, investors and up-market tourists as guests we provide the best services and facilities on a par with the highest international standards to remind our clientele that these need not be compromised because we are in Africa, whilst exposing them to a distillate of the best of what is happening culturally in Zambia. By combining original contemporary design…

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