Air Uganda flights to Mombasa & Zanzibar

Air Uganda to Start Mombasa & Zanzibar Service from Dec 2011

Air Uganda from 11DEC11 is introducing new service to Mombasa in Kenya and Zanzibar in Tanzania. Overall frequency to Mombasa is 2 weekly, but increases to 3 from 17JAN12. Zanzibar service operates twice weekly, but reduces to 1 from 13JAN12.


U7340 EBB0945 – 1130ZNZ1200 – 1235MBA CRJ 7
U7341 ZNZ1200 – 1235MBA1305 – 1445EBB CRJ 7

From 11DEC11 to 12JAN12, Zanzibar service operates twice a week (Day 47. Day 4 operates EBB ZNZ MBA vv). U7340/341 on Day 7 continues after 13JAN12

U7340 EBB1400 – 1540MBA1600 – 1640DAR CRJ 24
U7341 MBA1600 – 1640DAR1715 – 1900EBB CRJ 24

From 17JAN12, 2 of 7 weekly Entebbe – Dar es Salaam service operates via Mombasa, no local traffic on Mombasa – Dar es Salaam sector