Training programme reaches 50 new agents

The Atta training programme for travel agents throughout UK is moving from strength to strength.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Atta Easter Competition for UK retail travel agents who have successfully completed the Atta Training programme

 What's it all about? Not Easter eggs of course, although they help! It is about reaching the UK travel agents who sell Africa. Over 50 new agents entered our Easter competition. They learned about Atta and specifically about those switched on Atta members who have joined this project and "Paid to Play" to be part of a programme to educate the UK retail agents about their African product. So the winners were not just the agents who won Easter eggs, they were those Atta members whose product is now at the forefront for 50 new UK agents who sell African tourism. This is a huge market worth your attention if you are not already part of it.

 The winners won Atta Easter hampers packed full of chocolate eggs

Dorchester Travel                           Christine Caldwell
Ian Dickson Travel                          Annalene Coyle
Brian Kellett Travel Worldchoice  Jenny Kinsman 

 The Atta Training programme provides UK travel agents and homeworkers 24/7 access to information on all aspects of African tourism, increasing their knowledge of the regions and the available product. The Atta training programme has proved to be a valuable tool for the retail travel trade in UK to learn about Africa, Atta and its members.

Atta members interested in learning more about how the online programme can maximise awareness of their products and services among the UK travel trade, and the various benefits they can accrue from being a partner in this exciting project, should contact
Lina at