Zambia update

From Atta member Norman Carr Safaris - information useful to all operators selling Zambia

Zambia Update

Yellow Fever.

Travellers passing through South Africa DO NEED A YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. the Minister and the Tourist Board are in discussions to try and lift this requirement as there is no real risk of Yellow Fever in Zambia but for the time being this is a requirement. It is ONLY if you are travelling through South Africa - even in transit.

You do not need a yellow fever certificate to enter Zambia - so if you're not travelling to SA at all - there is no need to have the jab BUT - it is worth considering - in the highly unlikely event of an emergency - if the traveller has to be "medivacced" out - it would most likely be to South Africa and then you would need the yellow fever certificate to be allowed to enter, even in a life and death emergency. 

If the traveller cannot have the jab for medical reasons (eg age, pregnancy, undergoing cancer treatment etc - there are a lot of reasons) they have to go to a registered travel clinic to get a waiver certificate. Unless the Doctor is at an officially registered clinic a letter is not sufficient.

Many larger Doctor's surgeries are in fact registered "travel clinics" but you may find that small family practices don't have this facility and the traveller will need to find the nearest registered travel clinic, get a letter from his/her Doctor to take to the clinic explaining the reasons why they can't have the jab and get the official waiver certificate which they must carry with them to present in SA. 

Proflight Excess Baggage Charges- as you may recall - the rules have recently changed RADICALLY on this - have a look at the Proflight website;   but for your convenience, here's a précis of what they say;

  • Only one bag per passenger up to 15kg  - anything weighing between 16 - 32kg will be charged an extra $50 flat. (Yes, even if it is only 1 or 2kg overweight).
  •  Any extra bag will be charged at $30 - irrespective of the weight. Any bag over 32kg will not be flown.
  •  Only one piece of hand luggage up to 5kg - ie a lap top or camera PLUS a handbag is not allowed.  
  •  Proflight have done away with the extra baggage allowance for passengers from or to international flights.