Indaba appointments woth Atta team

New Website

Tom Frame our webmaster has a desk in the Atta marquee. Have you made an appointment with him? The website has a multitude of new applications to enhance your marketing exposure. We are moving B > C and you can add your own social networking applications, but there is so much more than that, for you to learn about. Some vibrant Atta members have already seen the advantages and are dominating traffic on the site, exposing their product to the trade and consumer through the numerous applications available. Email Bella on to make an appointment with Tom.

Atta Training Programme

Sally Oakey from Travel Uni also has a desk in the Atta marquee. The Training Programme has already recorded over 200 travel agents and home workers in just a few months. Are you involved, you should be? This clever programme not only educates the UK travel trade about your product but can identify which agents and home workers have completed the training and are specialising in African tourism. Email Sally on to make an appointment with Sally.