Atta partners with TUSK TRUST

Atta announces a strategic marketing partnership with the UK based charity Tusk Trust

Tusk Trust is a dynamic organisation, which has 20 years’ experience initiating and funding conservation and community development programmes right across Africa

Tusk has earned a reputation for being non-bureaucratic and for maximising donor funds (on average 80% of net funds) reaching the field. The charity has supported more than 100 projects and invested over £16 million into the field. Under the Royal Patronage of HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Tusk is run by its founder and CEO, Charlie Mayhew MBE who issued this statement:

"Tusk has worked for many years with a number of UK and US based travel firms specialising in promoting safaris to Africa. So many of the projects that we support are directly linked to key safari destinations and I have always felt that it is only natural for conservation organisations like Tusk to work hand in hand with the travel industry, whose own success is ultimately dependent on our collective efforts to promote conservation and responsible tourism for the benefit of Africa. We are delighted that Atta have agreed to come on board to help promote our work."

Tusk’s current portfolio of 40 field projects spread across 17 African countries is designed not only to protect wildlife, particularly endangered species, but to help alleviate poverty and encourage sustainable development and education amongst many poor rural communities who live alongside wildlife. Conservation of wildlife remains a key objective with substantial funding being applied towards the protection of many threatened species such as elephant, rhino, cheetah, chimpanzee, mountain and lowland gorillas, African wild dog, giant sable and even marine species like turtles.

Tusk's Pan-African Projects many of which touch Atta members across Africa.


Giant Sable Conservation Project


Botswana Predator Conservation Trust | Central Kalahari Research Group | Coaching for Conservation | Mokolodi Nature Reserve | Tachila Nature Reserve


Cross River Gorilla Conservation Project

Republic of the Congo

Lefini Reserve

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Walikali Gorilla & Forest Conservation Project


Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project


African Elephant Specialist Group | Big Life Foundation | Il Ngwesi Group Ranch | Ishaqbini Community Conservancy | Kanyunga Primary and Secondary Schools | Kibodo Trust | The Koiyaki Guiding School | Kora National Park | Lamu Marine Conservation Project | Lekurruki Conservation Trust | Lewa Wildlife Conservancy | Ltungai Community Conservation Trust | Maasailand Preservation Trust | Manyangalo Water Project |Mkuu Water Project | Mountain Bongo Surveillance Project | Mount Kenya Trust | Mpus Kutuk Community Conservancy | Nakuprat Conservancy | Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust | Northern Rangelands Trust |Ntugi Secondary School | Olare Orok Conservancy | Rugusu Water Project | Ruko Community | Sera Wildlife Conservancy | Rugusu Primary School | Kilimani School


Alaotran Gentle Lemur Project


Lilongwe Wildlife Centre | The Nyika-Vwaza Trust


AfriCat Foundation | Save the Rhino Trust



Sierra Leone

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

South Africa

The Bateleurs | Cape Vulture Conservation Project | Southern African Wildlife College


African Rainforest Conservancy | Mkomazi National Park | Serengeti Rabies Vaccination Project


Ggaba Teacher Training College | Uganda Conservation Foundation


Conservation Lower Zambezi | Kasanka National Park | South Luangwa Conservation Society


Painted Dog Conservation | Savé Valley Conservancy