South Africa tourism growth

President Jacob Zuma has announced a 10.2% percent growth in international tourists to South Africa .

However the President who announced the 2012 figures v 2011 in Cape Town  last week, warned the country against growing complaceny in a competitive market more as more countries around the world are realising the opportunity that tourism presents " our geographic position makes our fight for the global tourism share more difficult than most,” he said.

Tourists from Central and South America grew by 37 % in 2012 with an impressive growth from Asia of 33.7% lead primarily by tourists from "BRIC"  members China and India.

 Of the 9.2 million tourists, just under 6 million came from neighbouring African countries, with just under 1.4 million from Europe, 664,000 from the rest of Africa, 398,000 from Asia and 393,000 from North America.

Outside the African continent, UK tourists topped arrivals, with 438,000 (up 4% over 2011), followed by the US with 326,600 (up 14%), Germany with 266,300 (up 13%), China, France with 122,200 (up 16%), Australia with 120,300 (up 16%) and the Netherlands with 117,900 (up 4%).