Ethiopian tourism on a role

Ethiopia earns $664 million revenue from tourism in 2012 and Atta is beginning to grow a strong membership base in the country.

Over 663.7 million USD revenue was secured from tourists, who visited tourists sites across the country during the last Ethiopian fiscal year. According to Minister Tadelech Dalecho  the revenue was secured from more than 629,000 tourists, who visited historical, natural and religious attractions across the country.

The sites include, among others, the Semien Mountains National Park, rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, GereAlta mountains, Axum palace, Bale Mountains National Park, Konso landscape, the Jegol Wall of Harar as well as the Castle of Emperor Fasil. The Minister said activities were carried out to promote the sites among foreign visitors.The revenue increased by 37% while the number of tourists grew by 7.8% t compared to the same period last year.