Tom Jager

Atta is deeply saddened to learn of the death, on July 4th, of Tom Jager, thought to have been caused by a parasite picked up while travelling. Until recently Tom was Group Sales and Marketing Manager of Atta member The Shamwari Group. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends

A tribute to his life will take place on Wednesday, July 10, at 16h00 at Grand Café & Beach, Granger Bay, Cape Town, for family, friends and colleagues.

Tom Jager's Summary on Linkedin

Life is not only a journey; it is an experience and a collection of relationships,friendships and loves. Professional experience is gained by risking everything, believing in only your own capabilities and trusting in your instincts - the bigger picture will be revealed as your journey unfolds.

Goals - to grow in business acumen / to develop trusting and organic relationships / to respect the world and the people on it - we need to be aware of preserving our precious planet.


Marketing foresight and proactive thought

Networking and connecting organisations, individuals and collective thought

Tom at ITB 2012