New Markets for Kenya

Kenya’s tourism industry is now targeting new markets with a view to fulfilling the desire to grow the number of tourists visiting Kenya from the current average of one million to three million by the year 2015.

As Kuwait is become more and more aware of the various travel opportunities available and as their appetite to explore new destinations grows, KTB see a positive situation where more people from Kuwait begin to explore Kenya as their new destination.

The Kenya Tourism Board and private sector players are changing tact in how they sell Kenya as a destination to the new and potential markets. One of the new marketing approaches that is already under implementation is the introduction of tailor-made packages that are informed by the specific areas of interest that people from a specific country look out for when they venture out as tourists. The new marketing approaches that will be carried out by KTB, partners such as Kenya Airways and private sector players, will also deepen the understanding of attractions in Kenya, thereby positioning tourism on a rapid growth plan.

Although there are no direct flights between Kenya and Kuwait yet, the two countries are interconnected Kenya and Kuwait are well served national carrier Kenya Airways, as well as several Gulf carriers such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia and Etihad.