New Video Solution for Low-Bandwidth Africa

While online video usage has exploded internationally, Africa is lagging behind because unbroken streaming is not possible in the low-rate internet infrastructures available on the continent.

But now a group of researchers from the University of Cape Town working in a consortium with developers and marketing experts have come up with an innovative solution that could change the face of mobile usage for watching video in Africa - a mobile streaming platform called Tuluntulu (meaning “stream” in Zulu), that allows for video streaming on GSM/EDGE networks that operate at speeds below 50kbps.

The platform - known as Adaptive Real-Time Internet Streaming Technology (ARTIST) - makes unbroken video-streaming possible with the use of algorithms to adjust quality to available bandwidth. The aim is to find the balance between complete blockage due to congestion and acceptable picture/video quality in order to lessen the disruption to the viewing experience of the user.

The Tuluntulu app is available on Google Play Store to anyone with an Android device running version 4.0 or later.