Zimbabwe: E-visa for China and India

Zimbabwe has launched an e-visa platform for China and India in line with the increased tourist arrivals and investment from those countries. The development was expected to result in a further upsurge in arrivals of tourists from the two countries with have the largest populations in the world.

“India and China have the largest populations in the world which makes them the best countries for us to tape tourists from. The fact that they are both expanse geographically gave rise to the need for us to have the E-visa so that where ever they are in their countries, they can just apply for visas on the internet”

While Zimbabwe had embassies in New Delhi, India and Beijing, China, processing of visas manually, used to take time forcing some tourists to opt for destinations without cumbersome visa-regimes.

Zimbabwe is one of the 8 countries in Africa which had an Approved Destination Status (ADS) from the Chinese government.

Other countries with the ADS status include Kenya and South Africa adding that these enjoyed thousands of tourists from China.