The Airline situation in Zambia

... is changing on a permanent basis.

British Airways has ceased operations into Lusaka, Emirates operates daily on A340, Ethiopian has flights into Ndola and Lusaka, Kenya Airways operates into Ndola, Lusaka and straight into the Victoria Falls (Livingstone), KLM to Amsterdam, Air Malawi from this month into Lilongwe and of course last but not least SAA with SA Airlink and SAA Express with a huge amount of seats into Zambia.

Proflight Zambia have extended their domestic wingspan (and with this an important partner when it comes to "safari") and they also fly into Lilongwe and Dar es Salaam. Apropos Dar es Salaam: Fastjet now operates 3 times weekly into Lusaka; fastjet is one of the few low-cost carriers in Africa and in the background connected to Easyjet -  and last but not least a new market entry called Mahogany Air Charter. They start operations in March 2014 with two Embrear 30seater aircrafts on domestic routes.

You see, options are increasing - which is always a good sign for a Destination.

By Voyagers