Responsible Tourism Protects Wildlife

Atta is adopting the slogan Responsible Tourism Protects Wildlife at our events.  The Atta CEO was invited to the Tourism Ministers meeting at ITB on anti-poaching hosted by UNWTO and it appears that the industry is at last waking up to the horrific slaughter of Rhino & Elephant over the last year. Our first event to carry this banner will be at Indaba, at the Atta annual Networking Hooley, sponsored by Kenya Tourism Board.

Our first conference headed “Responsible Tourism Protects Wildlife'', hosted by Atta, is scheduled to take place at the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi on the morning of  June 3rd - save the date! Mohanjeet Brar, our enthusiastic East African Director (Kenya), has been working hard on that event which will be open to the whole industry, and you can expect a stimulating session with a line-up of high profile professionals who are dedicating their waking hours to saving our wildlife. This message will continue at our events throughout the year including Arusha, Cape Town & London. We all know that without wildlife our African tourism industry is virtually finished and as the latest figures supposedly report that an estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers and that in 1980, there were over 1,000,000 African elephants whereas today, there are less than 400,000, time is running out.