This Week at Atta HQ

I am writing this week’s update for you from ITB Berlin! We have been enjoying some light drizzle, lots of chat with friends old and new, and a tiny, weeny bit of German beer!

So this week was "hello" Berlin and the largest trade show of the lot, ITB. Atta fielded 10 exhibitors, a full house; go here for the list. Things are going well with a busy schedule and vibrant stand. On Wednesday evening we hosted  our first ever " Berlin Networking Evening" at  the International Club Berlin, a really chic venue, just five minutes walk from our hall at Messe Berlin. Sponsored by Intimate Places, many thanks to Marc Lawson, and suprise, suprise, canvassing for Africa's forthcoming raft of shows continued in earnest, with the Beyond Luxury Media tribe, lead by the flamboyant Serge, out in force, as was Polly McGraw from Reed exhibitions. Two Atta directors attended, the event, Tim of Kamili and our energetic chairman, Anita from Small World Marketing, along with a multitude of members from Eva Stenmarck Travel Marketing, Moivaro Lodges, Rani Resorts, Premier Safaris, Selous Safari Company, to name but a few! Special thanks goes to lofty Alex Walters of Great Plains Conservation, who elected to be photographer for the night and got some great snaps for us. You can see more of them on Facebook. This venue was indeed gorgeous, the beer and wine excellent value and fun was had by all. This will now become an annual event and a great sponsorship opportunity for 2015. Here's the guest-list for 2014.

Nigel returned from USA, having lost all of his luggage, and flew straight out to Berlin on Tuesday morning, to oversee the set-up of the stand. During the show, he has attended a number of high level meetings, including South Africa's Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyck, who visited the stand with a deputation as a result of our new MOU with SA Tourism. Nigel also met with the Minister from Zambia, the Ambassador and the new director of Ethiopian Tourism to name a few, culminating with a high level round table, African Ministerial meeting, on Thursday behind closed doors, hosted by UNWTO and attended by17 ministers on the crisis caused by the unprecedented levels of poaching in Africa; a theme that Atta will be concentrating on this year. More to come on this, as work is, I gather, in progress for a summit in Nairobi in June, hosted by Atta and currently being organised by our East African director Mohanjeet Brar.

We would like to welcome one new member for the week, Lairds Lodge Country Estate from South Africa. We hope you enjoy being part of our family!

This week, Lina and I completed sending out the membership certificates; you should have each received one. If you did not, please let us know so we can ensure you have got your paperwork, and so that we know who we can contact within your company! Each certificate was sent to the person listed as our primary contact for Atta, and we need to know if there are any inaccuracies with this.

Lina met with Lin from Travel World China to discuss a road show to China. We are finalising the details for this, and the announcement will be made soon, so watch this space! She has also spent some time liaising with potential members, strategic partners and advisors.

The next instalment in our fraud in travel series was published on Tuesday, and tackles the issue of intellectual property rights. Read all about it here.

Coranda’s Tip of the Week will allow you to make your news stories ever so pretty! So many of you have been uploading fantastic stories, but I’d like to remind you of two things: a picture’s worth a thousand words, and Africa is extremely picturesque! A lot of you send me photos to upload for you – here is how you do it yourself. To find out how to get to the screen we start on (writing your story), check out my tip of the week from the 31st of January.

Step 1: Go to submit a news story page, write your story, select the picture icon to insert a picture (ensure your cursor is placed where you want the picture to go!)


Step 2: Upload your own picture - click on the link that says "Upload"

Step 3: Browse your computer for your image and make sure you send it to the server.

Step 4: Edit your image as required and insert into story.

Step 5: Finish editing your news story and save it!

Et voila! Any problems, let me know and I will give you a hand.

I have been alternating time on the stand at ITB with a few minutes of work here and there, and must tell you all that we have only three spaces left on the Indaba stand. If you would like to book, now is the time to do it – I hate to say no, but our space is finite and we will not be able to accept anyone else once we are full! Send me an email on to save your space.

I have been enjoying myself in Germany, with one of my success stories being ordering a taxi to drop half of our party at one place, and the other half at a different place, all in German after a couple of beers. I think I may learn more German before ITB 2015! It is always so wonderful to see our members face-to-face, and get to know you in person, after so many emails. We have had a few membership enquiries, as well as booking a few people in to various shows, so I have been kept on my toes.

That’s all for now, I’m going to patrol the corridors and eat a few more giant pretzels!

Coranda –