This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning.This report comes from my London desk today, and despite the success of ITB, I am very pleased to be back in the office!

Having said that, we had a really excellent trip to Berlin. Our members had a great exhibition; there were plenty of meetings and the Atta stand was a hive of activity. I went to see as many members as I could get around to, and the public days were busy with a changeover of exhibitors on Saturday, as German travel agents replaced those "b to b" facing exhibitors who did not want to stay . There was a real buzz this year and many commented that this show was becoming increasingly popular on the circuit. Let us not forget Acacia Adventure Travels and Rani Resorts, who stuck it out on those frenzied public days, with Acacia in particular staying until late on Sunday, feeding me chocolate to keep things healthy…

We have been working hard,making sure things for Indaba go seamlessly, particularly with regard to the structure and layout of tour massive stand. This year SADAC have moved back into DEC and there have been a lot of changes. But it is going to be a fantastic show and we have only got three spaces left in our vast 318 square meter pavilion, so get booking now – email to do so. South African Tourism will be unveiling their plans for Indaba 2015 at the Atta party, on the Saturday night, all very exciting. Nigel has had a preview and I understand that there are to be many revolutionary changes next year. The main sponsors of our party  will be Kenya Tourism Board, and tickets will be on sale next week. We already have a large number of places reserved in advance so it looks as though we will be a full house; do not forget to book early as space will be limited. 

We would like to welcome our latest new member, Naturetracks Expeditions from Uganda, to Atta.

Lina has spent a lot of time going through news this week; she has received so much information that this has kept her very busy, sifting through to give you the excellent daily newsletters we have been enjoying. Do not forget that Lina also sends out news to our media contacts regularly, and you can help us to help you by sending us your news.

Lina also ran the latest Middle Africa webinar – the recording for this can be found at this link. If you would like more information about the webinars, or to view those that have run before, you can find out more information on the website. Feedback from members who have given webinars before was also received.

Riccardo Orizio of Saruni: The webinar was excellent: very useful, many new contacts, very well organized both before and after it happened. We'll be doing it again!

Mohanjeet Brar of Gamewatchers Safaris with Nairobi Tented Camp: I found the webinar to be very useful and we had a lot of good feedback from it and possibly even an agent coming now on a FAM trip to Nairobi Tented Camp. I also found having the pre-recorded message to be very useful,

This week, my Handy Tip of the Week is simple: read your email! We get a lot of repeat requests for information we have already sent out, and an unfortunate number of you miss out on opportunities such as early bird offers or even the chance to book into certain things because you don’t realise we have sent out the information. We can only do what we can to get the information to you – your job is to take it to the next stage!

I was out of the office on Monday, enjoying the sights of Berlin which included a gigantic ice-cream. As tasty as this was, I was pleased to get back to London on Tuesday to tackle my enormously full inbox. That has basically been it for me – apart from frantically trying to organise the next set of shows that are very rapidly approaching, and chasing up on some membership issues, as well as trying to handle the admin of being away for a week. I am sure you all know how that is!

Coranda –