This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning, and welcome to the end of another month! I’d like to wish all of the mothers amongst you a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! Well, it is officially Mothering Sunday in UK, but maybe not in your country but the thought is there! We need to spoil our Mum's anyway. Also the clocks "Spring Forward " by one hour on Sunday, getting closer to you guys in Africa, so we will officially be on British Summer time, GMT + 1, reducing UK to two hours behind East Africa and just one behind Southern Africa, we "fall back" again at the end of October.

This week Atta was asked by the World Bank to assist with the collection of information for the UNIVISA in Southern Africa, on the same lines as the new cross border visa for parts of East Africa.  We have asked members selling Zambia & Zimbabwe to take part in the pilot study. Anything you contribute is highly valuable, so if you have a spare five minutes please do take some time to do it for us.

Nigel and Lina met with our UK insurers this week to discuss insurance policy reviews for UK-based members. This could be a good way to check you are covered for various types of liability, and we will keep you updated. We are also working closely with our African based insurers SATIB and we hope to make some exciting announcements quite soon which will greatly increase the benefits that members receive through Atta.  SATIB will be exhibiting on the Atta stand at Indaba and Nigel will be meeting up with SATIB in Johannesburg next month to prepare the way for an Atta/SATIB partnership.

Lina has been arranging flights to South Africa; this is particularly exciting because our new directors, Fiona Jeffery and Graham Boynton will be joining us at Indaba. We are looking forward to having them with us, and will be looking to show them all the best of Atta at the networking event on the 10th.

Speaking of the networking dinner, bookings have been coming in thick and fast, and I would encourage you to buy your ticket before they run out! The event has been a sell-out for the last two years, and we anticipate the same this year. Click here and use password wildlife to book.

Lina has also been making arrangements for the next Atta photo competition. We will be announcing this next week, so keep your eyes peeled. We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs, and the theme is closely linked with Atta’s focus for the year…

Just to remind you all, the winner of the inaugural Atta photo competition was Turtle Bay, who won a free webinar and will be presenting this on the 10th of April at 2 pm. Register for this here.

We have just one webinar slot left before the shows in May – this is the 24th of April, and if you would like to introduce yourself before you go meet all of your buyers or sellers, I would encourage you to sign up now by emailing

Coranda’s Tip of the Week is to make sure that the countries you operate in/represent are accurately marked on your profile. We regularly get emails from external parties asking for companies in [name country here] and the only way we can know if you are in a certain country is if you say that on your profile. Simply login to your member’s dashboard, click “Update your profile” and select the relevant ones under “countries”. Simple!

This week I started closing up on all the preparation for Indaba, which meant a lot more of you received emails about registrations and hotels. I have until Monday to book in our accommodation at Coastlands on the Ridge, so now is your last chance. Please email me urgently on to get your accommodation in. I am doing badges and final arrangements for badges today, so if you have any last minute issues, please let me know now.

I have spent a fair amount of time searching for member’s news this week, but you may have noticed we’ve been coming up a bit short! Please keep sending us your news –

That’s all from me for now – until next month!

Coranda –