Webinar: Gabon, the African Costa Rica

Travellers looking for a stable African country, with a serious environmental policy and good lodging infrastructure have a new destination to explore - Gabon.

Atta member Middle Africa will be hosting a webinar on Gabon which is a completely unspoiled country with great eco-tourism potential.

13th March 2014 at 14:00 GMT

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Almost 80% of the country is still covered by primary forest and tropical savannahs. It’s one of the last paradises on earth and the Gabonese government seems to take conservationism very seriously. In 2014 Gabon is little known by the Western traveller despite it offers one of the best national parks in Africa. The ‘jewel in the crown’ of Gabon’s natural park’s is Loango National Park, one of the only places on Earth where wild animals roam freely along the beach. Together with the rich natural environment, Gabon is unique for its African Animistic cult known as Bwiti. In Libreville and neighbouring towns the traveller will be introduced to this traditional form of spirituality. For nature lover it is highly recommended visiting Loango National Park and Evengué gorilla Sanctuary Island.

Loango National Park is located on the west side of Gabon, south of Port-Gentil. It has an area of 1.600 km² and is protected to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east by the Lagoon Iguéla and impenetrable forest. This site does not undergo destruction or poaching and Nature remains unchanged for twenty or thirty thousand years ago. Thus, in the Loango National Park, you travel in time.

Middle-Africa has observed an increasing interest for Gabon and its National Parks and we have realized several exploring expeditions with different clients. In 2014 only 4 of its 13 parks can be visited, even so it is worthwhile. We must take into account that Gabon only opened to tourism in 2004.

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