Malawi, one small step....

One small step for tourism investors, one small step for the environment

What’s it all about?

Atta members in Malawi were shocked to hear that the Malawi Department of Forestry had given a logging license to cut most of the trees around Luwawa Dam, an amenity area and important water catchment area, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in a Government Forestry Reserve.

Tree cutting started earlier this month with the feller claiming to hold a receipt from the Forestry Department in payment for a  license.  Stakeholders in the area were not consulted.  If the logging was to be allowed to continue, it would seriously affect tourism business and also threaten the environment around the dam which is an important wetland area providing a habitat  to a number of animal, birds and plant species.

What happened?

The tourism industry combined by contacting all government departments within Malawi, the diplomatic community and press, all avenues to persuade government to reverse this decision.

A  High Court Injunction served on the logging company and the Forestry Department. As a result of the loud voice of protest  raised by the industry from all sectors,  the  Forestry Department has  placed a Stop Order on any further cutting of trees around Luwawa Forest Lodge and  Luwawa Dam.

Great news for our industry.  Maybe,  hope for  the establishment of  an Environmental Management Plan negotiated between the Luwawa Environmental Trust, the Malawi Forestry Department and Luwawa Forest Enterprises, to establish an Environmental Protection Zone  around the Dam and the lodge.  The establishment of the Zone will be for the future benefit of the people of Malawi, the fauna and flora within the area around the lodge and for the future of tourism in Northern Malawi.  

Well done, Luwawa Forest Lodge and all concerned.