Photo Competition II for Atta Members - Win Tickets to Atta's Functions

Last week Atta has announced our second Photo Competition for members which is adopting Atta’s slogan of the year Saving Wildlife to Save Our Industry and supporting our events carrying the theme.   

Members have until this Friday, April 11, to submit photographs that in your opinion best reflect the theme Saving Wildlife to Save Our Industry. The photographs will be posted on Atta’s Facebook page and will collect ‘Likes’ in order to win free tickets to one of Atta’s Networking Events.

Please submit your photographs to Add the member’s name, location of the photograph and a credit to the photographer if required. A descriptionwillalso go a long wayto helping us with your interpretation of the theme. The photographs will carry the hashtag #attaphotosavingwildlife.

On the 14th of April we will collate all entries into a single photo album on the Atta Facebook which you should start sharing.

The winning photograph with most ‘Likes’ in the album on 30th April at 12pm UK time will win the member two tickets to any of our functions (except seminars) be it Indaba, Arusha or Regatta networking events. The tickets should to be used by 30th September 2014.

The winner will be announced in This Week from Atta HQ on the 1st of May 2014.

Competition is open to Atta members only, with one entry permitted per member. For further information, email

Turtley Bay, Kenya, the winner of Atta's first photo competition is hosting a webinar next Thursday. More info here.