The 'Google Glasses' Will Become A Virtual Travel Agent

Google is preparing to launch a travel app that will use 3G as well as work with artificial intelligence. At the moment, 3G is an excellent way to access enormous amounts of data. Everything is accessible through Google Glasses. They are an explosive cocktail, tested in the greatest secrecy, and a device which worries travel agencies across the United States. This happens to be released in France by the end of the year.

Google with its developments in the field of robotics, its big data, and Google Glasses, it has developed the most powerful travel agent of all: The “Travel Concierge.”

It will talk with you just like a real travel agent…

With augmented reality, it will talk with you like a real travel agent that will be displayed as a hologram by the famous glasses.

But, it’ll never replace the real travel agent, right? Well, think again.

With a semantic search, the client address, and a natural language dialogue with the “Travel Concierge.” Thanks to a semantic search and the voice recognition technology, the process they have created is amazing; it is able to meet 100% of the requests made to it. The system is capable of meeting different packages by drawing into the database and mounting sophisticated packages. Also it is capable to provide tailor-made path, picking the best path when going on inter-island travel or avoiding other transport traps, which usually are not dealt with by a stubborn travel agency.

“Travel Concierge” will be launched in the fall/September of 2014 and should be available in Europe as well as other regions before the end of 2014.

Source: Tourism-Review