This Week at Atta HQ

Welcome to the Friday round up! Time is simply flying by, and London is fully gripped in the depths of spring now. We are sad to say even the hosts of golden daffodils have faded, and it is truly no longer the dawning of a new season.

We have been incredibly busy this week, with just two weeks to go until WTM Latin America kicks off – and we will then be full steam ahead until May the 12th at Indaba. Lina has been finalising all of the marketing materials for the shows, and arranged meetings with you all for a membership review. After only a few days, she has just seven slots left, so go to this link to snap up the last few spaces.

We have now closed bookings for all shows – there are no spaces left for any of them, and we will be publishing lists of our exhibitors next week. This has entailed a lot of work – the job now is to make sure everyone has badges, table signs, we have packed staples, pens, enough pairs of shoes…we have just a month until this is all over.

Organising four exhibitions taking place over a period of three weeks has been no mean feat, and we have all been manning the phone, emails and website registration systems trying to make sure nothing is left out, and that we are fully prepared, for what feels like months. Because you all know how much I love numbers, here are some of my favourites from across the four shows:

  • 107 different exhibitor stations booked
  • Well over 150 badges registered
  • 70 accommodation solutions found
  • More than 20 flights & transfers for the core Atta team alone planned and (nearly) booked
  • 250 networking event tickets
  • Most importantly of all, a tea station & wine from Painted Wolf, yes..!

If you are exhibiting with us, please take time to make appointments with buyers, and do not rely on passing trade. You can access booking systems or buyer lists for each show via the websites and your dashboards - if you are struggling, please email for some help.

All of this aside, if you have any questions in the meantime, please do get in touch with us – for general Atta questions, for administrative questions, for marketing and for exhibitions and memberships.

It is not all about exhibitions, though. Nigel, Lina, and our new directors Graham Boynton and Fiona Jeffery had a lengthy meeting this week to discuss the media, PR  and relations within the industry for the association. Fuelled by Ethiopian coffee and some very fancy biscuits, the outcomes were positive, and we will see some new things in the coming months as a result of this meeting.

We are all horrified at about the increasing dramatic daily reports on poaching, particularly of elephant and rhino across Africa. Nigel and other industry CEO's are working on a combined strategy to support anti-poaching measures; the industry appears fragmented and a combined voice may be required to raise awareness. Atta's central focus is on this for 2014 and much heart searching has been going on to adopt a suitable slogan to promote this initiative. I understand that they have finally selected "Responsible Tourism protects Wildlife". More on this in due course.

Today is the last day for you to get your photograph competition entries in! We have had 14 entries so far – there is a ticket to one of our big networking events up for grabs, so find out more information here and send your entries to

Next week we are going through a hardware upgrade in the Atta office which may find us disconnected from our computers for a few hours. We hope there will be no problems, but I’m sure each of you understands the dreaded concept of computer wizardry, so please forgive us if we are a bit longer in replying that usual.

Coranda’s Handy Tip of the Week will help those of you who do not know your username and password. If you are at a loss as to what your username is, I recommend you check which email address your daily news comes in to, and use that address as your username. I typically set this as the username, and unless you have changed it, this is what it will be. To reset the password, click “Member Login”, then “Forgotten Password” and enter your email address, followed by “Reset”. If you do not receive a system email in a few minutes of having done this, please then contact us in the office.

That's all from me for now!

Coranda -