Kenya Update

Atta has received the following update from the Kenya Tourism Federation in light of the reported incident last night in Mpeketoni area in Lamu County:

"KTF would like to clarify the following in relation to this. Mpeketoni is a small inland town which is part of the larger Lamu County but not part of the Lamu archipelago. It is an average of 40 kms inland and a 40 minutes – 1 hour drive from Mokowe which is accessed by boat from Lamu Island.

It was started as a settlement scheme by Kenya’s first president. The local population in Mpeketoni mainly consists of upcountry farming communities and feeds much of the Lamu County.

Mpeketoni is not a tourism destination for either domestic or international tourists and there are no beach or tourist class hotels in the area. Tourist activity in Lamu is concentrated in Shela, Manda and Lamu Old Town. Residents of Lamu Island continue with their daily activities a large part of which is tourism and fishing".

The KTF Safety and Communication Centre remains open 24 Hours daily and will respond to any safety or other concern or information request.

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