New Generation Maasai Mara Maps And Guides Launched

The first stage of a new-generation guide on the Masaai Mara, the Official Guide to the Masaai Mara: Mara Triangle, has been created by David and Rosemary Watson. The 112 page colour guide containing maps, photographs and illustrations was created by the couple who have dedicated the last 15 years to creating high quality safari maps and guides which document the whole experience of wildlife and conservation in Africa, not just limited to the ‘Big Five’. They co-wrote the first accurate, interpretive visitor maps of the Mara ecosystem in the ‘Atlas of the Greater Masai Mara’ published in 2013. The couple’s unusual work was also featured on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Saturday Live’. Their publications are available in most bookshops in Kenya and as e-versions in the UK.