Tanzania to get tourist portal

Tanzania is designing a destination portal which will be used as a gateway for tourists who intend to sample the various attractions around the country. The portal is being funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and should take six months to be completed.

This destination portal will be designed in a way that would enable tourists to pay their dues direct through our local banks instead of paying separately to tour guides or to the hotel which he/she will be accommodated as it used to be.

The main reason of designing the destination portal is to collect all related information about tourist attractions in the country. The information will help to direct visitors where to go once they landed at the airport and  include information where to find hotels, historical sites, emergency services, financial services, diving centers, local transport and its costs, national parks among others. 

The country has been divided  in eight zones:  southern highland, real south, western, central, northern, Zanzibar and lake zones.

Source: East African Business Week