Battlefields of East Africa 1914-1916

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Up to now South Africa has been the focus of Africa's historic battlefields. Now it is the turn of East Africa following the publication by James Willson of “Guerrillas of Tsavo” an illustrated diary, recording the actions and tribulations of a British Empire army at war against an enterprising, adventurous enemy during the East African Campaign of The Great War in British East Africa 1914-1916

"Guerrillas of Tsavo" portrays the actions of a German force of just 15,000 African and European troops under the remarkable leadership of Colonel von Lettow-Vorbeck who against all odds engaged a far superior Empire and Allied collective army of 300,000 troops from 21 different countries. They occupied an area in South East Kenya (much of it now Tsavo West National Park) down along the frontier to the Indian Ocean. As a result von Lettow-Vorbeck held the unequalled status of being undefeated and occupying the only British Territory of the entire First World War.

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World War One East African Campaign- Guided Battlefield Safaris

For the last 100 years the secrets of the East African Campaign of the First World War, have been guarded by wait-a-bit thorns and watched over by the Tsavo West National Park's diverse fauna. Experience some of the trials and tribulations of the Campaign while exploring the Taita Taveta County through the eyes of the Kings African Rifles Askaris. Visit the Forts they protected, the water-less plains they crossed, and the memorials where they are commemorated.

While watching the sun set behind Mount Kilimanjaro with the luxury of an ice cold sundowner, remember the thousands of porters who carried everything the soldiers needed to fight and survive. Stop and watch a pride of lions sleep off their dinner beside the railway that their ancestors terrorised.

Follow in the footsteps of the 'Guerrillas of Tsavo' Experience, an unique Battlefield Safari in the Commemoration off the Great War in East Africa. 

Atta is promoting this initiative as an added value East Africa Experience.

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