Review of Tourism Growth and Development Strategy for Namibia

The Government of Namibia has set itself the target to become one of the most competitive destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2017. In its strive to achieve the goals set by the Government, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has drafted the National Tourism Growth and Development Strategy (NTGDS) as well as the National Tourism Investment Profile and Promotion Strategy (NTIPPS).  The Ministry planned to conduct public consultations on both documents with major players before finalizing the strategies.

Upon the request of the Government of Namibia, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) carried out a detailed review of the NTGDS and NTIPPS and fielded a mission to the country to facilitate the public consultation exercise of the two documents. The UNWTO mission also conducted detailed discussions with key industry players and other stakeholders on their perspectives and vision of Namibian tourism.

Following the review of the two draft strategies and the consultations with stakeholders, UNWTO conducted a benchmarking exercise with selected best performing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and prepared a detailed report. The report, which includes an analysis of Namibia’s strengths and weaknesses as a tourist destination and corresponding recommendations, will guide and oversee the implementation framework of both the NTGDS and NTIPPS.

Source: UNTWO