Seychelles as the gateway to Africa for Chinese airlines

The possibility for Seychelles to attract a commercial Chinese airline becomes feasible because of the high inflow of travellers from China.

Seychelles has now found its place as one of the favourite holiday destinations for the Chinese holidaymakers seeking a new destination.

With a volume of over 86 million passengers and a 10% annual growth rate, China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd. business model is one of the Chinese airlines that caught the eye of the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism as he was on his working visit in China. Seychelles, as a tourism destination, is always in search of reputable airline companies to work with them into considering nonstop direct flights to the islands.

Seychelles is willing to open all doors of negotiations with China Eastern Airlines for non-stop direct flights to Seychelles. The time is right to look at Seychelles with an eye on Africa, where today China's influence is growing.

China Eastern Airlines presently is not flying into Africa. All passengers flying on China Eastern Airlines and going to Africa transit through the Dubai hub. The company, however, explained to the Seychelles delegation that a study will be carried out to evaluate the potential of the Seychelles market based on the increase of Chinese holidaymakers now looking at Seychelles for their holidays, and if it is today feasible for China Eastern Airlines to tap into this new emerging market.

While China Eastern Airlines are today not looking to Africa, they can help consolidate the Chinese influence in Africa by using Seychelles as the gateway to Africa.

Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture