Rwanda Nationals to Get Free Access to Akagera National Park

Akagera Management Company has granted free entry into the park to Rwandan Nationals for a period of three days with effect from 26th November 2014, in celebration of 80 years of conservation. The Akagera was established as a National Park in 1934.

For most Rwandans, Akagera is a firm favourite, with nationals making up 50% of park visitors amounting to over 10,000 people so far the year 2014.

Outside of Rwanda, knowledge of tourism and conservation within the country might be dominated by the famed mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park while Akagera has not been much explored by foreign tourists as it is with Rwanda Nationals.

Among the oldest parks in Africa, Akagera has a fascinating history of turbulent times and great achievements. As it celebrates this anniversary, the park is looking forward to a bright future.

The park also plans for the re-introduction of lions and black rhino after several wild animal species were affected over the country's growing Rwandan population and the destruction of environment caused by both the genocide against Tutsi in 1994 and the clearance of environment.

More than 1,300 local school children participate in organized visits to the park every year and it will benefit every well-wisher Rwandan visiting the park in the set three day period and any other time later.

Free access to the park includes entry fees and vehicle entry fees only; it does not in include access to accommodation facilities, transport to, or within, the park and other tourist activities.

Akagera came under a 20-year management partnership between the Government of Rwanda and the conservation organization, African Parks five years ago.