Government and tour operators ponder rates for locals

Zambian Government and tour operators are studying the possibility of adopting a two-tier rate for local and foreign tourists. The initiative will involve coming up with lowered rates for the locals to promote domestic tourism without disadvantaging foreign visitors.

Government is currently in discussions with tour operators to consider the plan aimed at encouraging locals to travel more and boost the tourism industry.  Minister of Tourism and Arts said currently, the fees that are being charged at various places are too high for most locals. There is need for increased local participation in the sector through improved packaging.

“So many Zambians have not been to any of our 20 national parks. We are in the process of talking to tour operators to consider coming up with different fees for locals and foreigners.
She said it is sad that many Zambians do not know how rich the country is in terms of tourism products because the fees are prohibitive. For domestic tourism to effectively take place, it is critical that many tourism products are made affordable to the locals.

Government is determined to promote domestic tourism so that Zambians can sample what the country has to offer. The domestic tourism market can only respond favourably if the packages are affordable. Zambians are urged to consider visiting tourist attractions in the country. Last year, Government launched the domestic tourism campaign to encourage more locals to participate in the sector.