Malawi and Egypt Sign MoU to Enhance Tourism Relations

The Government of Malawi and Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on improving tourism relations.

The MoU aims at among others, assisting marketing and promotion of tourism activities through participation in tourism fairs, exhibitions and events held in both countries and exchange visits of tourism officials, journalists and media representatives.

The strategic vision in the implementation of the MoU is to create tourism links between the two countries, promoting travel, tourism and investment.

The MoU will also ensure that the country's tourism production is of high quality to appeal to Egyptian tourists as well as those that visit Egypt.

There are also plans for a direct link between Cairo and Malawi either in combination with the neighbouring countries or as a single destination.

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Malawi said many Egyptians investors have started to knock on the door of Malawi to study the possibility of opening up businesses.

Many Egyptians were taking advantage of the incentives and current reform by the government to enhance the role of the existing Egyptian investors on the ground like Afro Egypt, Cleopatra, Nasr Furniture and Blue Bus.

the two countries have potential to grow the tourism sector by taking advantage of the various historical, religious and cultural attractions that are in Egypt and Lake Malawi as well as mountains found in Malawi.

The MoU also highlights broad areas of the co-operation such as facilitation of education and training, exchange in the field of tourism between the two parties, promotion of tourism exhibition and cultural exchange between the two countries.

The tourism MoU is the second document to be signed between the two countries in a matter of months as the first one was signed in Cairo in August 2014 on agriculture.