Tourism can bring 100,000 jobs in Namibia in 2015

A 2015 report on the economic impact of tourism in the world shows that Namibia will create more than 100,000 jobs, earning the country 19.4 billion Namibian dollars (1.6 billion U.S. dollars).

Compiled by the World Travel and Tourism Council covering 148 countries, the report titled Travel and Tourism Economic Impact also says Namibia’s gross domestic product will put on three percent as a result of tourism. These jobs, according to the repot, are generated by growth in hotels, travel agents, airlines and other passenger transportation services, restaurants and leisure industries.

According to the report the total number of jobs that are expected to be created are 107, 000, which is about 19.2 percent of Namibia’s employed population.

Last year, the tourism industry generated 102,500 jobs, and by 2025, the report says about 186, 000 will have been created.

Domestic travel spending, the report also says, will grow to 9. 7 billion Namibia dollars (792 million U.S dollars) in 2015, and end up at 17.4 billion Namibian dollars (1.4 billion U.S dollars) by 2025. More than 1.2 million tourists are expected to visit Namibia in 2015.